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Suggestion Competitiveness in GG

Discussion in 'GG' started by CapeMod, May 11, 2018.

Suggestion - Competitiveness in GG

You like?

Yes 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. CapeMod Regular Member

    I have a quick suggestion to add to GG to maybe make it a little more popular. I was wondering if you guys would think that adding a 1v1 practice section of GG would be a good idea. Since 1.9 has basically removed about 90% of the competitiveness I was thinking of a ELO system with "/duels" as well as a queueing option. If anyone has played any practice server then you will know what I mean. As of right now it is kind of dull and nothing much to it. I feel like having a ELO system with leaderborads would bring back some skill into the game and not make it so casual. And no I dont think that it would bring anymore toxicity into the game than there already is.
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  2. ohxd Silver

    There is already a 1v1 section, if you go to the signs straight ahead of spawn instead of to the right.
  3. CapeMod Regular Member

    um, thats not really what im talking about. That is a "Tournament" section.
  4. AsianLittleKidd Mini Admin

    Yes please +1
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  5. ohxd Silver

    It's not a tournament, it's just 1v1's but in a KOTH style. Nobody ever uses it so it might as well be a 1v1 section if you have one other person.
  6. CapeMod Regular Member

    Yes, but I think if there was a proper Duel system put in place It would draw more players. Right now GG has no point except to practice, with a ELO insentive maybe more people would play
  7. ohxd Silver

    That's literally what GG is for, to practice. Competitiveness on Shotbow is for Annihilation, Smash, and MineZ.
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  8. zKiosk_v1 Regular Member

    I think it should have elo + duels added to it. GG gets boring quick
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  9. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Great idea!

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