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Combat system, and its exploits

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by JoshTitan, Oct 13, 2018.

Combat system, and its exploits
  1. JoshTitan Regular Member

    So, i've been asked to do this, pretty much out of protest for the bull shit combat system, and I agree, there are some parts in the mta combat system that are just unacceptable, reading over this, this isnt even another rant about the mta combat system, its a report thread, alerting mods/devs about exploits in mta (kamikaze not so much, but the rest are) .

    -Level Advantage: Is just a problem in general, the higher level you are, shouldn't make you weaker, it should ACTUALLY do the opposite, according to video game logic. I, a level 69 player, should not be able to beat a level 150 player, just because the game is coded to be in favor of lower level people. I should beat him out of skill, and as MTAs combat, is a MAJOR part in the game, it shouldn't have easily exploitable features. Legit, if i wanted to be a fucking god on that game, all I need to do is buy an alt, set xp split to 100% to my gang, never level up, and dual wield 9mm. Sounds like pay to win to me. Why is level advantage a thing in the first place? Whos idea was it, and what was the logic behind it? Why man? If a player puts in the effort, to become a high level, a level 1 noob, should not be able to come on and one shot him. You think i would be over exaggerating right? Well i'm not, whenever I 1v1 with people like duckler or king destroyer, i can four shot them, four shots, that's all it takes. You are nerfing peoples accounts, because they put in the effort to play the game the way it's supposed to be played, with no exploits, just their own patience. It's not ok.

    Kamikazing: I don't actually have much of a problem with this, because if you get it with a plane at max speed, you should die, and any other video game will back me up. BUT the fact that kamikazing has become such an abused, and common thing, i think a buff in rpg/rocket launcher/grenade launcher accuracy should be part of an update OR you should make hydras harder to get, because it's not that hard, make them buying exclusive for like 10k or something, idc, but there should be some better counter to it than just to run into a building.

    Deathstreak: Is ALSO a bullshit, easily exploitable part of the mta combat system. But there are some parts that I agree with. If you're dying a lot, you should get some power up to help you. BUT, you shouldn't just be able to instantly get it, you should make it, that if you die like 10 or 20 times in one session, you get like a 1.5 multiplier to gun damage. It shouldn't be THAT easy to exploit, like, at 10 deaths, i can kill niceandepic (a level 75 player) in 4 hits, not even thanks to level advantage, that's just from me purposely dying to him a few times.

    Now, let's say you guys didn't listen: This is what you guys are saying to me, like let's say there's a level 100 guy, whos been playing for like 2 years, he's cool, everyone knows him, he's a big supporter of the server, but he LOVES pvp, then suddenly, an update comes out, that pretty much says: Fuck you, we don't care that you spent that much time and effort playing our game, because now you're gonna die REALLY easily to new players, and on top of that, if you manage to kill the new players, THEY GET A FUCKING DAMAGE INCREASE!!!! Won't that be great?? We don't care that you're a long term player, that probably has made a lot of friends, and is highly respected in the community, you can now not even step out of your house, because you're probably gonna get 2 shotted by someones alt. Oh, and watch the hell out for planes, because those are pretty scary now too, and you can't just blow the planes up either, because the accuracy on rockets suck. MTA: No effort needed! Just join, die a few times, and you can kill ANYONE!! That shouldn't happen man, if you put effort into the game, you should get rewarded, not nerfed. “But you get better guns if you level up farther” The ONLY gun worth leveling up for, is the marksman rifle, and a normal rifle does pretty much the same thing, and you can get it at level 50. Leveling up isn't even worth it at this point, just stay at level 1, and you’ll be overpowered as hell, because the combat system does not reward the old players who actually took the time to farm for hours, it prefers the exploiters, the alt users. Now thinking about it, that's pretty corrupt, you are rewarding people who exploit and abuse elements in your game.

    Bottom line is, there is a lot of great things about the mta combat system, but there are a lot of exploitable things in the game. Most of them aren't even out of luck, there just exploits. You guys even have a server message that says, if you find a bug or an exploit, report it on the forums (or something like that), YET as i just proved, your game is rewarding the people who exploit and abuse parts of the game. Pick a side, fix this shit, or just fix some of it, because even the little parts I talked about, are pretty annoying.

    Well there you go, there's my forum post, not even complaining about the combat system, but calling out the exploits in the combat system.
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  2. RechtsanwaltOnly Regular Member

  3. MCDuckler Platinum

    finally some more players talking about this outside the game.. I just hope that storm finds the time to fix this stuff. Or maybe another dev...? When you think about it, it's not even that much that needs to be done in the code.

    Oh and I'd like to add that the snipers should get removed from the jetpack. Like explosives.
  4. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    This is probarly one of the reason why MTA is looking for new devs.
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  5. MCDuckler Platinum

    It's a shame that there will be no one that will take this job... MTA is such a great game, I'm going to cry two weeks in a row if it dies this way, lol.
    But seriously, removing level advantage (assuming it's not a bug) shouldn't take too long, neither should removing death streak. And removing the sniper from the jetpack and making explosives more accurate should even be possible to do via config changes - I think that despite MTAs overall complexity, every shotbow dev should be able to do this within an hour. Someone needs to convince a dev. Someone that the staff team respects, maybe even another admin?

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