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Discussion Combat is broken

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by MCDuckler, Mar 30, 2018.

Discussion - Combat is broken
  1. MCDuckler Platinum

    Literally every patch is adding negative aspects to combat. Things are getting removed and changed from update to update. Yes, 1.8 was unbalanced but the game right now is not better.
    RPGs and RLs are way to inaccurate and if you hit, they do almost no damage at all. (Yes, Air Spamming was unbalanced, but now they are almost useless)
    Every Gun drops when trying to use them in air and they are inaccurate af (These changes where made after several EU Players dominated the game with tactics that took skill)
    Every Gun Attachement has negative aspects (They said it's to create more variation and tactics + making it more balanced for new players which is complete bs, now everyone uses the same mods too, no new tactics and newbies are still getting owned by high levels but literally everyone who bought lots of maxed guns before that change has fucked up)
    Cars are way too slow and way to fast depending on your driving level
    New players don't really stand a chance against heli cops
    Drugs are way to weak
    Level Advantage is a huge thing, people fighting with 180 accounts against level 100 accounts get way more damage. noobs still don't have a chance and no high level player actually likes it...

    like literally all these changes resulted in fights where our opponents try to get above you in the air, just with a marksman and jetpack trying to kill you with random shots whilst hoping for the weapon to not drop, or even worse; in fights where they try to abuse bugs or going into a passive alt trying to steal your loot etc.
    there are so many high levels that love mta and would still activly play it, if combat wouldn't be so random and unbalanced.
    Don't believe me? Well 2 active and one semi-active high level eu player, no active high us player and just a few japanese players are left...
    i know these changes are there for quiet some time but noone seemed to care, most players were against them but hey, if a few admins that arn't even into that PvP aspect are getting constantly killed by "hackers" then that's definitly more important than the majority of the players.
    Sorry to tell you, but honestly, you fucked that combat system completely up, not just my opinion.
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  2. LegitNube Platinum

    you fought like 2 people and died to them, so then you decide to make this post
  3. MCDuckler Platinum

    Not really. We (Pretty much most of the EU players, the ones that quit the game, Ultimativemaster and I) have that opinion for quit a long time and we also talked about that several times...? Ulti and I did a 4vs2 yesterday and we pretty much rekt them. Was that a guess or did someone say that to you? Yes I died, but I made one double chest stuff so I wouldn't take that as a loss. The fights where still completely bullshit when it turned into that im-coming-with-nothing-but-10-marksmans-and-a-jetpack-and-try-my-luck tactic. I was talking with other former EU players at the same moment which were the same opinion, too.
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  4. MCDuckler Platinum

    Ah, maybe that was meant to Ktrompfl - killed him in a 1vs2 a few times then he said I'm hacking and said he will remove the possibility to do what i did (Air Fights, and 24 hours later they where gone...)
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  5. Runkelpokk Gold


    1. Explosives and Snipers should just be accurate during scopeing
    2. I belive the negative gun aspects are fine it keeps the game fair
    3. A max flying and driving Level Advantage would be fair
    4. We should move back to 1.8drugs but they all should be useable together
    5. Level Advantage ... im pretty sure i dont have to add something here
    6. Maybe you should not be able to use a jetpack if you have slowness
    7. agreed passiv Players should not be able to collect ground items
    8. Ist quit easy to get lv 40 or 50 but ist verry hard to get lv 69 to unlock the Special carbine and just if you unlock this gun you are a high lv Player in 1.8 you Count as a high lv as far as you unlock the combat shotgun Players should be able to kill high lv Player by using shotguns !
  6. PokeTheEye Administrator

    *Comes out of the dark for a few sec*

    Okay your opinion is that the combat system is broken, fine. However i only see complaints and no solutions?

    Maybe instead you could give the staff some feedback and tell them what you think they could do to try and fix these problems? If others agree on those idea's, I am pretty sure staff will see what they can do with them.
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  7. MCDuckler Platinum

    Complete removal of level advantage (It exists, and it's just a pain to fight with it)
    Make RPGs/RLs more accurate (i don't want them like they where at the beginning of MTA 1.9, but they should at least be accurate enough to be a weapon one can rely to)
    Certain guns should not drop when using them in air, for example handguns should be allowed as they shouldn't be too heavy to carry and they arn't as strong as a marksman so you don't get too big advantages over others
    Snipers should be classified as heavy making them not usable with a jetpack
    Drugs got a huge buff with MTA 1.9 making them almost useless because they don't help much and can randomly kill you. I suggest making them not too op, maybe higher their price but making their side effects not so random/extreme
    With Gun Attachements my opinion is to make them available for everyone and drop them in chests (making them usefull for new players, because they never really carry any modded guns or even know that they exist) + making every gun attachement really worth it/usefull because most of them are beeing left behind, only attachments that are actively beeing used are clip size, some times scope and fire rate.
    Cars should have a bigger acceleration with a low level than they have currently, however the acceleration shouldn't be as big as it is right now, players with a very high driving level tap w like twice and crash right into the next wall
    Hope this helps, thanks for your response
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  8. LegitNube Platinum

    Well I can do just fine staying on the ground no jetpack and using the city as my advantage

    RPGS and RLS are quite useful at taking out vehicles, not useless

    By staying on the ground and using nearby buildings as advantages for cornering, I was able to take out all my competitors (avachqn, famicoro, _hellogoodbye, etc.) and make it to first in combat within one week.


    Yet you complain about
    and I have yet to see you try any other way of fighting
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  9. MCDuckler Platinum

    Of course they are useful for tanking out vehicles, (and the only effective way to do that actually) but they are still very inaccurate and if you hit a player that isn't in a vehicle it does next to no damage but still giving you slowness and a big cooldown.
    Also I am adapting to other tactics etc. and not only trying to fight constantly one way, im using buildings and other stuff as an advantage too and depending on situation, enemies, location and all that + I'm very often using vehicles. That doesn't change the fact that most fights just depend on who is above the other person and whose marksman doesn't drop. I mean seriously my enemies are carrying 10 marksmans (no lie), that can't be what admins want xd
  10. Runkelpokk Gold


    rude nube u just kill helpless noobs </3
  11. Ktrompfl MTA Mini Admin

    Just to slightly add on what Poke said:
    It's of course useful to give direct constructive feedback, but if you just want one thing to be changed and give exact information on it, there will come other things up after the changes that will be considered as too strong you probably haven't thought of...
  12. MCDuckler Platinum

    ofc, something will always be stronger, but the staff could at least try to somewhat update/balance it. The thing that is strong right now is just bullshit.
  13. LegitNube Platinum

    watch yo profanity
    christian minecraft forums
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  14. MCDuckler Platinum

    I'm sorry. I meant "not the way it should be in my opinion". Please forgive me.
  15. nanacoro Silver

    I think level advantage is should be removal, too.
    It may good for newbie, but I know some high players have low level sub accounts.
    They use it and kill high level players. :(
    There is a risk of abuse.

    If level advantage removed, there be should add or change something for newbie.
    For example, about passive mode?
    Some of newbie don't know about the phone.
    So, they turn passive mode off while trying on how to use the phone.
    And they are killed.
    It may be necessary to forced passive mode until be 15 level.
    Probably, they will know some knowledge of fight until be 15 levels without being killing.
    Get used to fight and have knowledge of fight are important.
    If players have it, level advantage doesn't need.

    I suggest remove level advantage and changed to forced passive mode until be 15 levels.

    Passive shouldn't be caught with handcuffs.
  16. LegitNube Platinum

    "sub accounts" or alts aren't abuse
    but as the bear said, fix that
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  17. MCDuckler Platinum

    yep it's stupid theres like no fighting player with skill that likes it
  18. nanacoro Silver

    That meant that level advantage being used misuse to kill high level players.
    Sorry about my poor english.:stuck_out_tongue:
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