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Announcement Class Update

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, May 27, 2017.

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  1. Charshie Regular Member

    Coastal and Canyon are garbage. I agree with

    People just like it cause it was the first and they don't like change. Plus people just like to get easy wins rather than have a fun competition in a cool map. Those maps are so poorly set up that you just need a decent clan and you can win every time. Thats the same reason trash maps like Villages and Castle get picked so much. You can easily win if you have a small clan to play with, they are so poorly set up. But these newer more dense maps have a lot more variables to them, thus the same old methods can't be grind over and over again, and tryhards like you don't like that.
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  2. Murgatron Retired Staff

    All maps have merit to them - like annhilation and the variety of playstyles offered by classes, map design also keeps variety in the games. Whilst many will bemoan a single choke as a bad design to attack, it can also work the other way round for defenders :wink:

    Remember that liking / disliking a map is mostly subjective - you can agree to disagree :wink:
  3. Charshie Regular Member

    Yea, but Those maps have no Variety to them, they are so bland lol
  4. royalben10 Regular Member

    Can robinhood please get some serious buffs? I really like the concept, but it is just such a weak class. His whole kit lends itself towards phase 1 rushing, yet he can be easily swarmed by two players to get wiped out. If someone sneaks up on him, he will take serious damage and will be unable to respond with anything other than bowspam due to the weakness. Attaching speed 1 to him would help, but it would still not hange the fact that his damage is too low, and that he runs out of arrows too quickly. Re-adding infinity to the bow would be wonderful, and might be a good change for further testing.
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  5. Maashg Platinum

    Update is cool but Dasher and Robin Hood are very bad.

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  6. royalben10 Regular Member

    The whole point of Robinhood is to be able to get a great bow after a lot of kills, but this is worthless when an enchanter can get to level 30 in under a minute and make a bow nearly as good as the tier 100 bow, which is unlikely to ever happen in a round
  7. jinl3e Platinum

    At least dasher is better then last time. But for robin hood, that needs a buff. As mentioned above (royalben10) I think it should deserve some stuff like speed 1 and not given the weakness. EDIT: Or maybe give robin hood a book that gives it arrows with a cooldown of 70 secs, but then they might have to remove archer
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  8. royalben10 Regular Member

    Actually i have reconsidered my prior statements, and have come up with what i believe to be the best solution. Right now the bow system feels like a gimmick because it is nearly impossible to reach the higher tiers, where the bow is actually useful, and even then is still way too easy to die. In order to fix robinhood, simply make it so that he doesnt lose tiers on death anymore. Another essential but balanced change would be improving the robinhood's quiver; While simplest change would be to improve the starting quiver size or give the bow infinity, adding a mechanic where soulbound arrows are added to the inventory on every kill would be extremely fun and, i feel, fits very well into the shotbow style.
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  9. khalkists Platinum

    With the dasher change... has anyone considered merging old-dasher ability in with the rift walker?
    Seems to suite the class a bit more; absolute mobility. Instant movement between two spaces (plus; I only see myself using home-teleport to escape scouts)

    I'm with him. ^

    Even if I have a fire-damage ability handy, odds are I don't have the speed 1 needed to escape a scout unless i'm playing... scout. The advantages mobility provides in this game outweighs almost anything else. And this class is mobility on top of mobility.
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  10. Murgatron Retired Staff


    The old dasher ability also caused some security issues. We've got some other ideas to bring riftwalker up to the same standard as other classes :)

    We're looking all feedback on Robin hood and how we can make the class more balanced. The important thing to remember is that we don't want Robin Hood to simply be a better version of Archer.
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  11. Smartzz Emerald

    I'm fine with that but the thing is that Archer and Robin Hood should be good in two different situations. Like for example, I was on Cronos last night and I ACTUALLY got to a tier 4 bow because I was camping on a sky bridge. However I kept running out of arrows because the amount of arrows Robin Hood gets is minuscule to the amount of arrows Archer gets. (The arrow supply drop.)
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  12. royalben10 Regular Member

    I actually completely agree with you, I'm just super excited to get robin hood to a playable level because i love the sense of progression he possesses. I don't want him to be a better archer, either. Its just that he's so weak right now that he's not a viable class. Nerfing the mobility classes would also be a good way to increase robinhood's usefulness.
  13. Keyboard Gold

    Spiral staircase nexuses are a bad experience for both attackers and defenders. A single chokepoint is a bad design for all players.

    Attacking - Well, I think this topic has been covered a million times before. An open nexus makes it a fair fight for everyone involved. A defender does not need the advantage of a single staircase when they already have the home field advantage, as well as the fact that leathers instantly respawn and will eventually push out a rush.

    Defending - 1 chokepoint makes defending a braindead stat-check - You spam your bow or sword at the corner of the spiral stair case, and if your DPS is larger than the sum of the enemy's HP, you win. There's literally zero skill involved. You can't tell me running down a 3 block wide spiral staircase gives the attacker room to outplay anything. An open nexus means people can come from anywhere. Defending isn't boring a hole in your monitor staring at a single staircase. On Kingdoms, for example - People can come from two staircases, they can come straight over the wall on three sides, they can even come from above through skybridges or the parapet tower things. You can't tell me that's subjectively equal in design to Canyon's spiral staircase of a nexus.

    The fact that leathers had zero respawn time made strength 2 a NECESSITY to attack. Without a strength 2 user oneshotting leathers as they spawn, an attack would always, always be pushed back from the sheer numbers of zerglings doing 1 damage per hit. This makes a terrible game experience for everyone. People hate being 1-shot. People hate being farmed. But if people don't get 1-shot, rushing would be futile against the endless leathers. Strength pots should have been removed long ago. A flat respawn time should have been added. If an attacker managed to outpvp a defender in their own base without strength, they have earned the nexus damage.

    But what I say is too little too late. Maybe if people understood this 3 years ago then we'd be looking at a much more lively population.
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  14. This_is_Hugo Emerald


    Open nexus means 2 things! SCOUT AND SKYBRIDGE!

    Are you trying to tell me building a skybridge takes skill? you literally need to get some wood and build up, You do not even need the builder class!
    What happens when that skybridge is up successfully? a load of archers spamming down and miners launching down off the launchpad and destroying the nexus one bit at a time!
    Also having a open nexus means its basically undefendable without 15 guys crammed next to the nexus all shooting at people from the sky.
    For example, show me one game of cronos that hasnt been just skybridges?, i can give you the names of several Scout and Skybridge maps that all play out the same!
    Amazon, you dont even need a skybridge the nexus is soo open
    Hamlet, scout, maps basically flat and nexus is easy to get to
    Nature, From what i have heard, never been played so i dont know it personally
    Castles, more tp map, still plays the same from a skybridge though

    Having a closed nexus is good, as it means you can actually build a defence, it allows attackers various ways of getting past the defence's, a Classic Brute force attack which can be counted by swappers and immos or a sneaky invis rush, It eliminates to a degree skybridges as people know they cant easily get hits on the nexus.
    It means people can prepare, enchant and do things they want to do!

    Open nexus makes these clases useless to a degree:
    Builder, if you not building the skybridges

    If you want to know why i think this in further detail just ask, very rushed reply to this absurd comment
  15. khalkists Platinum

    I actually have an idea for that.
    What if Robin Hood got a small number of arrows every kill? That would incentivize players differently.
    Archers could continue focusing on suppressive fire, keeping enemies at a distance and getting the occasional kill;
    Whereas Robin Hoods would have to focus on the individual kill. Wasted shots are arrows you won't get back.

    Alternatively, have the class spawn with low-durability shears and give it a special recipe to make arrows with a -1 damage modifier from leaves and sticks. Forest fletching; so to speak.
  16. FrozenEarth Regular Member

    Darn. when are classes like Hunter, Bloodmage, and Bard getting buffed?
  17. Murgatron Retired Staff

    We've got updates planned for other classes and parts of Annihilation - stay tuned :wink:
  18. Ultimate_Bro Emerald

    Might come around and try it out sometime soon
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  19. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    They removed EU Shotbow :(
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