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Announcement Class Update

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, May 27, 2017.

Announcement - Class Update
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  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Hello everyone,

    We're excited to finally be releasing the Annihilation - Class update! We've added one class and revamped a few others, as well as making some quality of life adjustments and overall balancing.

    Join us in celebrating the release with this SBXP code: CLASSYUPDATE

    As always if you encounter any bugs please report them over in the "Report a Bug" section.

    Now without further ado, the changelog:

    Robin Hood [IMG]

    Brand new class:
    • Permanent Weakness 1
    • Bow can be leveled up to become more powerful, dying will remove 1 tier of your bow!
    • Starting bow - Power 1, 12 arrows
    • Tier1 : 10 Kills = Power 2, Unbreaking 2
    • Tier2 : 15 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier3 : 30 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Poison 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier4 : 40 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier5 : 55 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier6 : 70 Kills= Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier7: 90 Kills = Infinity 1, Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Poison 1, Unbreaking 3
    Based on the forum suggestion, we wanted to add another bow based class to the game. This class is intended for those who just want to get straight into the action - no enchanting, no grinding - just get out there and PVP!

    In initial testings we found that RobinHood's class bow was quickly out classed in early gameplay by a bow you could make and enchant yourself! This clearly made no sense so we buffed his starting bow and reduced the kills required to progress through the first few tiers. We also tweaked the penalty for death as we felt it was a little harsh.

    Sniper [IMG]

    • Any bow can now be used in Sniper mode - left click on a bow
    • Sniper mode:
      • Arrows have no drop off
      • Arrows have 2.5x velocity
      • Costs 2 arrows and 5 bow durability when in sniper mode
        • Infinity bows have no arrow cost but cost 10 durability
        • Each level of unbreaking reduces the durability cost by 1
    Previously only the sniper bow could be used which limited gameplay and forced players to carry 2 bows - the sniper bow and an enchanted bow late game. We decided to allow all bows to be used in sniper mode to improve the gameplay of the class.

    Tinkerer [IMG]

    • Gold Block - Haste 2 for 15seconds
    • Emerald Block - Absorption 1 for 20seconds
    • Diamond Block - Speed 2 for 20seconds
    • Pads will now reapply the effect when stood on, even if you have the current effect.(Note - ingame XP is only awarded when a player uses the pad WITHOUT the current effect).
    We felt that tinkerer required more functionality as bard currently outclassed it with it's own speed and regeneration buffs. We hope that these new pads will encourage more use of this class.

    Mercenary [IMG]

    • New mark effect - Glow effect and creeper firework signalling a player has been marked
    • Damage when marked for death fixed to now only allow 10% more damage
    The old mark of death meant it was tricky to determine how strong your foe was as all their armour was hidden. The new glow effect resolves this issue and even allows you to track marked players out of your line of sight. Fireworks have been added to draw even more attention to the target!

    Mercenary was incredibly powerful previously, we've now patched this so the damage multiplier works properly.

    Transporter [IMG]
    • Sign to spawnkit
    • Message and sound effect when teleport is destroyed
    • Time duration of teleports removed
    • Unset (inactive) teleports removed upon death
    We felt that transporter was often abused to where a teleport could be kept up almost indefinitely as long as the transporter was alive to reset their teleport. We removed this in exchange for a permanent teleport for as long as you are transporter and no-one destroys your teleport. This means you don't have to babysit and reset your teleport every 5 minutes. We added a sign to spawnkit to allow you to quickly say where your teleport leads to and a notification and sound message to alert you when your teleport is down!

    Spider [IMG]
    • 14 Throwable cobwebs that last for 25 seconds on the ground and then regenerate into your hand
    • Made vine ability toggleable
    We made the vine ability toggleable to come inline with other classes like Iceman. Vines will last for 10 seconds after spawning, allowing for teammates to follow on behind.
    Spider's only ability meant it's viability was lacking, so we added the ability to throw cobweb blocks - spin a web, any size, catch your enemies, just like flies! :zanonymous:

    Healer [IMG]
    • New class icon
    • Permanent Weakness 1 (as before)
    • Added new class item - Bloodbag:
      • 2 abilities - both abilities are on the same cooldown:
        • Right click - AOE healing effect of 2.5 hearts (1 to other healers) to the 3 lowest health teammates in a 6 block radius, cooldown of 15 seconds
        • Left click - Single healing effect on a teammate you look at within 10 blocks, healing 7.5 hearts, 45 second cooldown.
    The old healer forced you to sacrifice your gained hearts to heal your teammates, meaning you were unable to participate in the action. This sucked and we felt healer should be able to throw itself into the fray!
    The 2 abilities allow you to save a teammate from death with a huge burst heal but forces you to wait longer to use the smaller AOE healing.

    Riftwalker [IMG]
    • Ability to rift back to base
    What inter dimensional planes walker cannot even find his way back home!?

    Thor [IMG]
    • Knockback 2 enchantment to Axe
    • Permanent Resistance 1
    • Lightning effect can only be used with right click action, to allow players to use the Axe with KB2
    Thor's main active is still extremely strong so we added a small buff to his axe to allow him to knock people around a little more! We also made him tougher, he is an Asgard God after all!

    Wizard [IMG]
    • No fall damage for 5 seconds after whirlwinding yourself
    • Enchantment to your wand to make it shiny!
    Taking fall damage after blasting yourself off the ground to reach higher places sucked, so we made it more fun!

    Scorpio [IMG]

    • Particle trail to thrown hooks, client side only!
    Long ranged hooks always went out of render due to the hook being an item and not an projectile (snowball or an arrow). We therefore added a simple particle trail to thrown hooks so you can adjust your aim for those long ranged hooks.

    Dasher [IMG]

    • You can now blink between 5 and 25 blocks away
    • 5 second cooldown between blinks
    • Blindness and Weakness upon blinking
    • You loose more hunger the further you blink
    • Visual block (emerald block) to show where you blink
    • Spawn with 6 soulbound bread
    • Removed hunger regeneration
    • Removed ability to dash through blocks
    • Every kill replenishes 2 hunger bars!
    Dasher was a very underplayed as many other mobility classes (Scout, Acrobat, etc) easily outclassed it. We've therefore heavily buffed the blink distance, allowing more shorter blinks to be used for less cost and vice versa.

    Changes to enchanting

    Enchanting has been reverted to the 1.7 style. We felt that 1.9 enchanting meant that the game was easily flooded with high level enchanted gear - this stalled fights and reduced the variety of strategies available to players.

    To compensate we've increased the level of XP you will gain ingame - so attaining level 30 will be much faster initially.

    We believe this is best for the gamemode overall, despite the recent poll we had on the forums. We hope you understand our decision.

    New maps

    Thaw and Tirreg have been added into the Annihilation Rotation. Enjoy!

    Returning maps

    Castaway and Cronos have been returned into the Annihilation Rotation following a poll on the forums. Enjoy!


    And that's all folks! We've got more updates planned for Annihilation now with the release of 1.9 and we'll be keeping an eye on the forums and this thread to make tweaks to this update as it plays out over the coming days and weeks.

    Thanks for flying Shotbow! :zanonymous:
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  2. connor564 Platinum

  3. Snurkle Platinum

    HYPE!!! I'm excited to try out the new and improved healer today!!
  4. Champion_Guiga Gold

    Very nice! Thanks to the devs for this update, can't wait to see how this impacts the game!
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  5. Maashg Platinum

    Thanks a lot for new update!

    I have 2 objections, everybody voted 1.9 enchanting system in poll and lost of people voted Collis and AnniZ too. Please add them too :(
  6. Mistri Network Lead

    So many awesome changes! Great work, Annihilation team!

  7. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    I am happy that the update is here!
    I cant wait to play more and more anni! :D
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  8. riverboys101 Platinum

    Was scout nerfed? If not I see no point in returning to Annihilation :/
  9. Hvba Retired Staff

    My first comment I guess...
    I will miss the enchanting but lets be fair, It was really OP
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  10. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Not directly but flame disables scouts grapple, tinkerer has a speed 2 pad and dasher is now a powerful mobility class.
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  11. Chibotle Platinum

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  12. jinl3e Platinum

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  13. notswipe Retired Staff

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  14. Keyboard Gold

    perm resistance 1 is broken, 20% damage reduction means you'll never lose a 1v1
    quote me

    I was also about to say cronos isn't fit for a full size anni game but with current day's population it honestly works fine
  15. mycins Silver

    Is it possible to get something like an arrow drop for Sniper and Robin Hood, or something that gives you some arrows when you get a kill? Getting enough arrows to get , let's say 30 kills takes a while and there's always the possibility of dying and losing a tier.
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  16. _Bellerophon_ Regular Member

    Slay Annihilation! I like the (old) new enchanting system so I'm glad it's back.
  17. sizuku499 Media Partner

    I have looked forward to this since a long ago! I'm very excited!
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  18. Rechoke Silver


  19. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    I love this :3!
  20. bacakingg Platinum

    Regarding the robin hood kit, how are we supposed to get 90 bow-kills in a game when there is usually just 50 people in a game and a bow kill isn't that easy?
    I mean, to unlock archer you had to get 100 kills (not in one game) , and now you're supposed to do this in one game? without dying?
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