Announcement Class Update: Minor Tweaks

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Jun 25, 2017.

Announcement - Class Update: Minor Tweaks
  1. Murgatron Annihilation Lead / Co Lead


    Hello everyone,

    Around a month ago we released the Classes Update and we were pretty happy with how it went! We've seen plenty of increased playtimes for lesser kits and generally more varied gameplay and new tactics being employed in matches.

    Today we've rolled some additional tweaks to further balance the update and make it more fun!

    Robin Hood [IMG]

    • Doubled starting arrow count to 32
    • Arrow accuracy recall ability (if you hit a target there is a 60% chance that you'll get the arrow back!)
    We made these changes as Robin Hood was still struggling to be the "get out there and PvP" class we originally envisioned. By adding a passive way to retain arrows for longer we hope the class will be more fun to play and overall more rewarding.

    Mercenary [IMG]

    • Mark of Death won't target vanished spies
    • Mark of Death will only work when you have Line of Sight (LOS) on a target (ie cannot mark people behind a wall).
    Being able to mark vanished spies was something we didn't actually pickup on in initial or public testing and was pointed out to us on the forums. This was never intended and has now been fixed, spies rejoice!

    Other changes
    • Reduced gravel XP value to be more in line with original gameplay design
    As a reminder - being unable to grapple as a scout when on fire is intentional! :wink:

    We're working on update part 2 now and we've got some big changes coming up! We hope you'll enjoy them soon :zanonymous:

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    I can t wait! I really like the nerfs on mercenary. Those were good ideas!
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  3. This_is_Hugo Platinum

    The gravel XP change is unfortunate however it was necessary!
    Another thing is could you add more emerald to maps e.g. coastal and canyon which have 4, which means that it is not a viable option for xp
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  4. Murgatron Annihilation Lead / Co Lead

    They are alternatives for XP if other mines are busy, or you can use them as a boost between redstone mining! :)
  5. This_is_Hugo Platinum

    Ik but emeralds are supposed to be the mine you go to for XP and redstone be the alternative! Just thought some more emerald ore or a reduced respawn time would be Ideal!
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  6. sizuku499 Media Partner

    I'm glad that Robin Hood was improved!
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  7. Dataside Platinum

    pls buff engineer, hunter.
    And make scout a scout class and not a pvp class.
    remove punch 1 of archer and give it unbreaking 1.
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  8. LegitNube Mine Theft Auto Admin

    Why does scout and hunter need a buff? I see that as really unnecessary. By the way, is the hit delay for the 1.9 update intentional or unintentional?
  9. Hingey Platinum

    Scout is weak might i suggest giving it strength 1 Im having a hard time killing players I have to run away because I suck at pvp. Strength 1 would give me and my scouting friends the power necessary to equal a non scout class. Also Archer and bows in general could you a significant buff they only deal half of a player's health I believe Power 1 should deal 10 hearts at least.
    Thanks for the update keep up the great work!
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  10. LegitNube Mine Theft Auto Admin

    Why would it need strength 1? That would basically ruin gameplay
  11. This_is_Hugo Platinum

    Omfg, do you not understand satire humour
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  12. Dataside Platinum

    scout doesn`t need a buff typed it wrong and hunter needs a lower cooldown because 60 seconds for a trap i way to long you better can go wizzard then
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  13. drewko09 Mini Builder

    Robin Hood and archer feel wayyyy too similar now
  14. Murgatron Annihilation Lead / Co Lead


    Care to elaborate?
  15. drewko09 Mini Builder

    They both now have a relatively infinite supply of arrows and same starting bow damage, the only reason to go archer would be if you enchant a strong bow than use it for the plus 1 damage late game.
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  16. Ivandagiant Regular Member

    Canyon has a pretty decent emerald mine, it has 6. Coastal's emerald mine is basically useless. Only 4 emeralds, and it's placed away from the other mines. It's not worth the time to go in there, even if you are just coming from the redstone mine.
  17. pokeminer9999 Gold

    I do not know why admins are afraid of big changes, this server already died and nobody plays it anymore, you have nothing to lose. Try actually making annihilation good and people will start playing again. I never play because 1.9 is garbage and the new kits are garbage and the reworks to kits like vampire and hunter are trash.

    But, if this game were to go back to 1.7 and the stupid trash kits got reverted to their old states and some kits getting buffed to not be garbage I would play again. Have fun on this dying server everyone.
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  18. Kingey SMASH Lead

    Funny how you mention us being afraid of change while still being stuck in your 1.7 world whilst Minecraft is already at 1.12.

    Instead of just saying everything is garbage, try and actually be helpful.
  19. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

  20. Clownpiece Regular Member

    Just wanna ask, does anyone still care about the poor bloodmage?

    BTW a personal list for the underused class:
    Bloodmage (haven't seen one except myself so far) Robinhood (what's the advantage of this against archer..) Succubus (one of my favorite, and it is strong enough I suppose) Dasher (weakness and blindness.. I thought dashers were supposed to outrun enemies. And the old wall passing ability is unique) Tinkerer (still a good class, but people hate using support) Riftwalker (I don't like rifting myself to the void... can we just add a small feature to prevent rifting to a person outside of the playfield? Shouldn't be hard at all) Farmer (this is limited to maps.. people just don't like farming crops. they only enjoy farming others.)

    Also thinking if doing supports will give a small amount of shotbow xp instead of in-game xp, to encourage people to cooperate. For instance, each 20 portal usages will give some xp, and 50 tinkerer buff will give some xp, etc.

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