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Suggestion Class Suggestion: The Roflcopter

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by DerMongoose118, Dec 5, 2016.

Suggestion - Class Suggestion: The Roflcopter
  1. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    From the high heights of Subspace, Mongoose presents to you:
    The Roflcopter!

    What is the Roflcopter?
    The Roflcopter is a complex class that is hard to build up, but well on worth it in the end! The features of the Roflcopter includes a helmet that allows flight, an infinity-enchanted bow, a fortunate pickaxe, and the ability to upgrade all of the above and then some! The helmet requires fuel, so coal is required a lot by this class, as the Roflcopter requires this for it's flight as well as the many upgrades it needs to become the best thing on your team.

    First off, about the helmet, the helmet is a coal-powered Rotor Hat that has 6 armor tiers and plenty of upgrades to it, the base leather version and 5 stronger helmet variations; the base one having slow flight that is albeit good for climbing hills, scouting and stealth operations, is not good for combat; and the strongest one moves as fast as (perhaps even faster than) creative flying, allowing for not only ranged combat when combined with enchanted chain armor (The strongest thing it can use without slowing down), but also for quicker scouting and last-minute base-rushing. The bow of the Roflcopter is also special, as it can be upgraded to have additional strength, light people aflame, and even fire multiple arrows at once!

    Rotor Hat Basis and Upgrades:

    The Rotor Hat is a "Permabound" (meaning it can only be destroyed by death or change of class, and stays in it's associated inventory spot) helmet that opens up a chest-like space when taken off the head; this is the Cargo space, which is used to store the fuel of the helmet (up to a stack at a time) as well as be used to upgrade it with enough materials and a button in the lower right corner (which means you cannot store said materials in the helmet, they drop on the ground upon exiting inventory). On term of the time that a single piece of coal gives, it is only one second, meaning with a whole stack one can only stay in flight for 64 seconds, meaning Roflcopters have to be wary of their coal supply early on, but with efficiency upgrades and storage upgrades allow for up to three seconds in flight and three stacks of coal equally, meaning that a persistent miner can keep a Roflcopter in flight and help it upgrade. The first armor upgrade of the Rotor Hat is upgrading to a chain hat with Protection I, which is relatively cheap and can take a beating; third being iron with Protection II and Projectile Protection I, also relatively cheap but not as much as the chain helmet. The final two upgrades are when things get costly; with the fourth costing diamonds and emeralds, and the fifth costing a Boss Buff and higher numbers of diamonds and emeralds. To be exact, here is a list of all armor tiers
    • Base Armor: Spawn = Leather Helmet
    • Chain: 4 Iron + 1 Gold = Chain + Protect 1
    • Iron: 8 Iron + 2 Gold = Iron + Protect 2 + Projectile Protect 1
    • Diamond: 5 Diamonds + 10 Emeralds + 25 Gold = Diamond + Protect 3 + Projectile Protect 1 + Fire Protect 2
    • Golden: Boss Buff + 10 Diamonds + 25 Emeralds + 40 Gold = Golden (Diamond Strength + Durability) + Protect 4+ Projectile Protect 1 + Fire Protect 2 + Blast Protect 3
    As you can see, the cost gets quite drastic for the last two upgrades, but are well worth in the grand scheme of things... Next off are the Fuel Efficiency upgrades, which count in Minecraft ticks, which can easily convert to seconds; it also includes Quartz which will be accessible from the area witches spawn via a Mini-Boss that will spawn frequently:

    • Base Efficiency: Spawn = 20 ticks
    • Efficiency I: 5 Iron + 5 Redstone = 30 ticks
    • Efficiency II: 10 Iron + 20 Redstone + 5 Gold = 40 ticks
    • Efficiency III: 15 Iron + 45 Redstone + 15 Gold + 5 Quartz = 50 ticks
    • Efficiency IV: 25 Iron + 64 Redstone + 25 Gold + 10 Quartz = 60 ticks
    Efficiency Upgrades aren't nearly as bad as armor upgrades, but they do require Quartz from the Quartz Sentry in the Mini-Boss Areas. The Storage upgrades are next, and they require mostly wood, redstone and iron.

    • Base Storage: Spawn = 64 Coal
    • Storage Upgrade I: Coming soon
    • Storage Upgrade II: Coming soon

    That is all for now, I'll be back tommorow...

  2. nemo212 Regular Member

    good counter to all OP classes, will spice up boring ol' anni a bit
    its in need of a buff though
  3. squallythewally Obsidian

  4. jinl3e Platinum

  5. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

  6. pokeminer9999 Gold

    it is way too complex for annihilation in my opinion. I like that you made a class with utility, but it needs to be simplified.
  7. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    If I need to simplify it I'll just combine costs for the upgrades, but I am not going to do so unless the majority agrees with simplifying the class.

    Thank you for the suggestion though.
  8. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer

    Very much liking this class.
  9. DerMongoose118 Regular Member


    Thanks! currently I am working upon finishing up my GunGame map Siege so that I can orient myself to this class and finish this up so I can move on to Strife again.

    The helmet part is not even close to finished due to the amount of upgrades it has, so stay tuned for those and the bow part!
  10. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Oops, replied instead of updated. Anyways the next upgrade.

    • Storage Upgrade I: 16 Wood + 15 Redstone + 10 Iron = 128 Coal

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