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Class Suggestion Class Suggestion(S)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Jarool, Apr 29, 2022.

Class Suggestion - Class Suggestion(S)

Who thinks that these

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  1. Jarool Emerald

    Whoops, I dropped all these suggestions. Can you help me pick them back up?

    Acrobat: Acrobat now has a 9 second cooldown because... um...

    Archer: Starts with 32 Arrows because it's always been annoying to me that it starts with 16, then you get 32, so you then have 48, then another 32 for 1 1/4 stacks, then 1 3/4... just let me have a full stack!

    Bard: Reduce Slowness to level I. Slowness II is very strong, and even Slowness I is strong.
    Add Fire Resistance to the song list. Very pog!

    Berserker: Re-introduce... the very weird No Knockback ability (that makes you take +1 damage). Personal preference, I just loved this ability. Berserker is very cool, but it would be amazing to troll enemies again with the ability.

    Enchanter: Intensifier is dumb.

    Handyman: Repairing the nexus should incur a bonus +1 Shotbow xp (NOT MULTIPLIED). I need more players repairing my nexus, it's quite annoying.

    Hunter: The wiki page is way too long. Please shorten it so I don't have to read a book.

    Iceman: Give Wizard's Freeze ability to Iceman. Ok, don't actually, Iceman is perfectly fine (I love you, Iceman players).

    Scout: Reduce combat tag to 4 seconds. I'm bad at Scout, so I need this nerf.

    Tank: While in Defensive Stance, give Speed I. Most people just run out of the range of the Phalanx Protection, so being able to keep them in it for 0.5 more seconds is nice.

    Vampire: I've actually mentioned my changes in the update found here.

    Wizard: Darkness should give Blindness. Sounds like it should, at least.

    I think I lost the plot partway through this post, but I'm sure at least ONE suggestion is good... right?

  2. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Blindness removes the players ability to Critical Strike and Sprint. That would be a considerable buff.

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