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Suggestion Class suggestion Mirror guard

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Flandersss_, Jun 23, 2021.

Suggestion - Class suggestion Mirror guard

Is it a good support class?

Yes, its a good class 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Its not a good class!! 1 vote(s) 14.3%
It needs more balance, then its a amazing class! 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Flandersss_ Regular Member

    Evening fellow Annihilation players,

    here with a new class suggestion

    Mirror Guard
    Mirror guard start off with wooden tools and a stone sword, and a item called
    "Mirror bind" its a red dye, which when right clicked on a specific player (ON UR TEAM) bind the mirror guard to.

    -Binding to a player means for the mirror guard, the health of the binded to player gets mirrored on the mirror guard,
    once the player who has been binded to takes dmg the mirror guard takes the same amount of damage this basiclly shows the mirroring part, it acts as berserker with the max 20 health and max bindable to 1 person but as the mirror guard u self u can just take dmg aswell.

    When the binded to player dies, the bind gets broken leaving the mirror guard with its normal health, does the binded to player get killed with health left e.g a succubes kills the person, the health which the player had left transfers as absorbtion or normal health to the mirror guard.

    -Potion effect when the binded to player use's e.g regeneration the mirror guard does not get the effect on its mirror'd health it still acts as berserker health.

    Range that the binded to player has to be within the mirror guard, about 25 blocks, more will be broken and less will make it hard for mirror guard to be affective.

    When mirror guard dies the health of the mirror guard has a 2 way go.
    -1 when mirror guard dies by e.g a succubes or other stuff, the binded to player hears a "ping" and gets regeneration 1 for 20sc.

    Does the mirror guard die by fire and hasnt taken other dmg than fire the binded to player gets fire resistance for 1minute.

    Please let me know what u think and if this would be a nice class for support role and defense role.
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