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Discussion Class Nerfs And Buffs

Discussion in 'Assault' started by ryanrules259, May 20, 2015.

Discussion - Class Nerfs And Buffs
  1. ryanrules259 Gold

    I played 3-4 games of assault and it was pretty fun. But the Sith has a huge advantage over the Jedi's. Every match i played the Sith won. The variety of each class is poor for the Jedi's. You either get force pull or light saber throw excluding the Chewie class. Rally is in there to but lets be honest how many people use that in battle? The Sith has more variety between its classes like Darth Vader who only has choke. There is no other class like Boba Fett. He gets a flamethrower, missle launcher (op), a rifle, and a jet pack. Now what Jedi class can compete with that? I could go from there but Jedi should get a huge buff in its classes or the Sith side, a nerf for its classes.

  2. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Boba fett actually doesn't get the flamethrower, that's used by Jango fett :stuck_out_tongue:
    But yeah, Sith are much better in my opinion.

    Suggested changes!
    Make the Det pack do a good amount of damage (currently does 2 hearts if they're standing on top of it when detonated)
    Chewie needs something for close range, since the change of his bow, it isn't actually that effective because once they get close, you're screwed.
    I don't think invulnerability works for leia, could be a bug.
    I reckon Han solo's pistol should be able to fire more shots on one go, or deal a little more damage.
    Yoda is pretty good, so are the other actual Jedi from the Jedi team.
  3. GunOverdose PR Co-Lead

    I agree with you until the end. The Jedi are actually pretty weak compared to their counter parts , and it's kind of sad.
    Blocking should do more than just stop lazers, it should prevent light sabers from doing damage (from the front) to you. It would make the Jedi stronger overall, and try to "spice up" the Jedi, they really are all the same.
  4. xSandblast Emerald

    windu is actually really good.
  5. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    I think blasters that don't consume ammo (such as Leia's, Solo's, and Jango Fett's) should get a buff so that they're a little more useful.
    Maybe reducing the cooldown on them or increasing how much they can fire before they need a cooldown would work.
  6. MrSnare Retired Staff

    To address the OP,

    Something went wrong with the Boba Fett kit last night and the rockets were doing a disgusting amount of damage.
    Chewie's Bowcaster also broke but when I went to investigate today I couldnt reproduce.

    I have increased the amount of shots Han Solo's gun can use.
    Increased Detpack damage to 3 hearts.
    Decreased the amount of rocket ammo you can hold to 1(1 in the chamber too)
    Decreased the amount of Force power consumed by blocking lazers.
    (hopefully) fixed rockets

    I will consider blocking in combat too. Thanks for the feedback
  7. Gallihad Retired Staff

    Also adding in a better variety of movements for the Jedi team
    Eg giving Han Solo some kind of leap or roll,give today an a bitty where per bouncy and nijary ,some kind of bcover fire for the gun people. Let chew wi be able to throw small characters a bit higher' or be used to climb on by the other to stop trolling, make chew wi able to climb higher walls not by jumping by grabbing.
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