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Class Suggestion Class IDEA

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by RiskoLohnicky, Apr 20, 2019.

Class Suggestion - Class IDEA

Is this a good KIT SUGGESTION?

YES 3 vote(s) 75.0%
NO 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. RiskoLohnicky Regular Member

    I have an idea for a Class in Annihilation. The name can be Runner or else.

    Passive ability: Can WallRun on a walls not climb bat Walk on Wall if you don't know what i mean check this video:
    Real life: CLICK THIS
    Minecraft: CLICK THIS

    Passive ability 2: Can climb a 3 block high by holding SPACE (JUMP KEY).

    Ability: You can have Speed 2 for 15 seconds to run away from fight. Delay can be 60 seconds. After Speed 2 you will get Slowness 2 for 5 seconds. So it will be more realistic.

    Ability or Passive Ability: Can crawl through 1x1 blocks

    If you want you can change the times and delays. But don't change the passive abilities.

    Sorry for my english but im not very good in English im Slovak.

    I will buy the kit if you release it! Please just try your best :)

    P.S: Can you change my forum name to RiskoLohnicky. Plainglobe is my old name.

    -Risko Lohnicky

  2. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    Spider already has the ability to climb walls, so the need for another class like such is redundant.

    And how would the 1x1 blick crawl work, would you only be able to climb through one block or as many as you want, because if it's the latter what is to atop someone from tunnelling and then digging one block into your defence and then boom into your base. Or tunneling in mid and mining diamonds because they know they can't be chased.
  3. RiskoLohnicky Regular Member

    What about you will have 1 hp while crawling

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