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Suggestion Class Idea - Necromancer

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by _WumboMumbo_, Apr 14, 2019.

Suggestion - Class Idea - Necromancer
  1. _WumboMumbo_ Silver

    You are the Ruler of The Undead
    With every kill, acquire an undead henchman!
    Create an army of golems in order to protect your nexus!

    Wooden Sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Wooden Axe
    Leather Helmet
    Leather Chestplate
    Leather Pants
    Leather Boots
    4 Pumpkins

    (Not completely sure if this much is possible tbh but wtever)

    After killing an opponent, they'll turn into a zombie equipped with the sword and armor that they died with.
    (Probably will have to edit the zombie so it can teleport to the player similar to a wolf and give it a speed buff so it's not super slow & useless)

    Able to create multiple iron golems that lock onto opponents and fling them into the air.
    (Edited to be similar to the iron golem boss, obviously not as op, but the ability where it flings opponents to the air should be kept. It should also only be attacking opponents and run to them on sight)

  2. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Impossible all kits with mobs will not be implemented ever. That is why hunter lost it's dogs.
  3. targetaquired Platinum

    Not to mention this is way op

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