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Suggestion Clans/Groups Page

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Joaoseinha, Apr 3, 2013.

Suggestion - Clans/Groups Page
  1. Joaoseinha Silver

    So,I see mostly every section is up except the clans section.Is it not coming back,or is it still being implemented?

    By the way,props on the new forums :D

  2. Scassany Platinum

    I would see it as a new forum under MineZ named Clans/Groups. That way it keeps it from the general MineZ forum and people who want to see stuff about clans would go to the clan forum.
    Easy :D
  3. hosper Silver

    Yes they should bring back the clans section for MineZ but I think there should also be one for Wasted as I feel clans will be equally present there.
  4. Masacz Platinum

    I have heard they are adding all the subforums later, so until then, be patient :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Navarr Councilor

    I don't think clans will really exist in Wasted, not if it continues as the game-mode it currently is (which is team-based objective fighting).

    Wasted is all about the teams and winning the game for your team - it has nothing to do with clans.
  6. Masacz Platinum

    Actually Kensai was in chat and he is 99.9% sure all the sections are added o.o So I guess we aren't getting the subforums.

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