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Guide Clan War Events by Team Nexus

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Maashg, Apr 3, 2020.

Guide - Clan War Events by Team Nexus
  1. Maashg Platinum

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    Team Nexus Clan War Event Guide


    Annihilation Clan Wars | Spring Season
    A serie of the events for Shotbow community by Team Nexus

    Hello everyone, in this post i will explain how our clan war events work. As you know, last week we had a clan war event. It got a big support and we want to continue this event.

    Many clans want to join the event but unfortunately we have to choose only 4.
    I will explain our system by the example:

    First match: A vs B vs C vs D
    Winner: B
    Second: A
    Third: D
    Fourth: C

    Second Match: E, F, G clans want to join. So as a 4th clan we always accept the winner of the last match. So the next match will be:

    Second Match: E vs F vs G vs B

    If more clans than 3 applied for a match, since we have to choose only 3 clan we have to choose the teams by a draw.

    If winner of the last match doesn't want to join the next match, then 2nd team may join. If also they don't want to join then 3rd then 4th. If no of them want to join then we will look for another clan.

    So basically if you are in a match you must be winner to play again in next match. Even you are not winner you should be close to win (like 2nd) so you still have a chance to play in a next match (if the winner doesn't want to play again).

    Also a clan won't be able to pass 3 games as a winner.
    For example a clan won and played in the next game and won again. Then they played again and again won but at this time you won't be able to pass to other game as a winner of the last game. But you may join as "another clan" in that match or the next matches.
    So basically we are trying to stop a clan that wins every game in a row.

    More basic explain:
    Team 1: Winner of the last match
    If they doesn't want to join: Second of the last match 》 Third of the last match 》 Fourth of the last match 》 New clan

    Team 2: New clan
    If there is no a new clan to join: A clan that already played in the past

    Team 3: New clan
    If there is no a new clan to join: A clan that already played in the past

    Team 4: New clan
    If there is no a new clan to join: A clan that already played in the past

    If more than 3 clans want to join then we will make a draw.

    Yes, every matches will be connected to a season. Every season will have 6 matches. The winner of the season will be chosen by ELO points. We will chose the winner of the season by ELO. If 2 or more teams have equal ELO points in the end of the season, then we will organize a match for them!

    Event Schedule

    [Week #1] (28th March) #1 Clan War | APL vs hmky vs Oblivion vs rawr
    First: hmky (+3), second: APL (+1), third: Oblivion (+0), fourth: rawr (-2)

    [Week #2] (11th April) #2 Clan War | Dear vs hmky vs Mizu vs Alice
    First: Mizu (+3), second: Alice (+1), third: hmky (+0), fourth: Dear (-2)

    [Week #2] (12th April) #3 Clan War | APL vs Mizu vs Oblivion vs rawr
    First: Mizu (+3), second: Oblivion (+1), third: rawr (+0), fourth: APL (-2)

    [Week #3] (25th April) #4 Clan War | APL vs Mizu vs Team Turkish vs Alice
    First: Team Turkish (+3), second: APL (+1), third: Mizu (+0 (+2)), fourth: Alice (-2)

    [Week #3] (4th May) #5 Clan War | hmky vs Oblivion vs rawr vs Team Turkish
    First: Team Turkish (+3 (+1)), second: hmky (+1), third: rawr (+0), fourth: Oblivion (-2)

    [Week #4] (15th May) #6 Clan War | LUD vs PDO vs Uchiha Clan vs TeamTurkish
    First: Uchiha Clan (+3), second: TeamTurkish (+1 (+2)), third: PDO (+0), fourth: LUD (-2)

    [Week #4] (16th May) #7 Clan War | Alice vs Dear vs Uchiha Clan vs Team Clowned
    First: Dear (+3), second: Team Clowned (+1 (+2)), third: Uchiha Clan (+0), fourth: Alice (-2)

    [Week #4] (17th May) #7 Clan War | Mizu vs Oblivion vs rawr vs Team Clowned
    First: Team Clowned (+3 (+1)), second: rawr (+1), third: Oblivion (+0), fourth: Mizu (-2)

    [Week #4] (17th May) #7 Clan War | APL vs CT vs hmky vs Team Clowned
    First: APL (+3), second: hmky (+1 (+2)), third: CT (+0), fourth: Team Clowned (-2)

    [Week #5] ???

    ELO System
    In a match, every clan gets ELO points.

    First clan +3
    Second clan +1
    Third clan +0
    Fourth clan -2

    You can check the ELO scoreboard in bellow of the post.

    Unfortunately you won't be able to spectate any matches. Even in the lobby after phase 3. Because if we make you able to join the game in phase 3 you also will be able to choose a team. These two things work together so we won't do that.

    Shotbow staffs MIGHT stream your match. It depends on them. The stream will be in Shotbow's offical Youtube channel.

    Time is based on 21:00 GMT, every Saturday. You can check this website to calculate your time. In every 2 weeks, we will host a match.

    Annihilation sandbox server as whitelisted. By JTGangsterLP6 (Anni co-lead) or sometimes maybe another staff.

    Team colors will be chosen by a draw. You may change your team if EVERY clans agree on it.

    Maps & Classes
    They depend on the clan leader's choice. If all of them agree, they can disable a class. Also they can choose a map. The games will be all classes unlocked

    Questions & Answers
    Q: How to join the event?
    A: You must be in a clan. If you are a clan leader then you can apply to join by PM-ing me in Shotbow forum or DM-ing me in Discord (please do not disturb Shotbow staffs about that). If you are just a member then your clan leader must apply. We always have to contact with the leaders.

    Q: Ok we have decided to join, what do we need to do join?
    A: You need 12 members that will play in name of your clan.

    Q: We don't have enough member for that, we need more member. But we still want to join. What should we do?
    A: You can find another people that will play in name of your clan. He doesn't have to be in your clan. But he will represent your clan.

    Q: Our a clan mate have up to join the match? Can we choose another player?
    A: Yes, if someone in your roster don't want to play you can change it.

    Q: Some people in the roster have changed their Minecraft name. Is that a problem?
    A: Since server will be whitelisted, you definitely must tell us the name changes.

    Feel free to ask any questions! Best regards!

    The Event Organiser


    Current ELO Scoreboard (13 clans):

    1- Team Turkish : 10
    2- hmky : 7 (+1 (+2))
    3- Mizu : 6
    4- Team Clowned : 5 (-2)
    5- APL : 3 (+3)
    5- Uchiha Clan : 3
    6- Dear : 1
    7- CT : 0 (+0)
    7- PDO : 0
    8- Oblivion : -1
    8- rawr : -1
    9- LUD : -2
    10- Alice : -3


  2. Layhoun Platinum

    i like
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  3. freeCapt Silver

    this is actually pretty dope
    Maashg and Mission like this.
  4. Rawr_Its_Kala Gold

    It sounds really cool, but i'd like to add some points:

    • Common clan war rules for every match: (For an example) You can't rush before p5. Because the team that gets first to mid will destroy the other 3 teams, basically as happened on the last clan war, diamonds rush (even with prot 1) with alc are basically unstoppable, like the team who gets mid first will definitively destroy the other 3 teams.
    • Another suggestion: Is to make points by destroying a nexus, for an example:
    APL is +1 but imagine they destroyed Oblv or rawr, it could be 1 point plus to that one.

    • And my last suggestion: is to make the same kits disabled for ALL cw's, cause if there's a clanwar without alc, it's harder for the clans to win instead a cw with alc enabled.
    • Bonus track: set a limit of time for each match, one of the objectives here is to entertain the ppl who watches the stream (i mean, we wanna make anni grow again :wink: so..) , we should not make it soooo long and boring, so we could set a limit of time (for an example 2h 15min) and make it more friendly for players and spectators :)
    I saw (and participated) a couple of anni tournaments outside shotbow and it worked really well with those rules
    Like this comment if u agree :)
  5. Maashg Platinum

    Added Japanese and Spanish translate!

    Celariel likes this.
  6. Darth_Bachious Retired Staff

    If you used google translate, it might be wise to make sure that the text is being checked by a native speaker (sadly I am not, otherwise I would have helped). It will most likely look better if the mistakes produced by google are filtered out.

    I quite like the idea of this, keep it up!
    Maashg likes this.
  7. Maashg Platinum

    We won't count first match for ELO points because the clans didn't know that.

    ELO scoreboard and event schedule are updated! :)
  8. Orataku Platinum

    bring them back to -2 elo bs
    SlayStyle_, 1UPS, Ungenes and 2 others like this.
  9. 1UPS Platinum

    Rip hmky's previous win
    Ungenes and BrazyBenjamin like this.
  10. freeCapt Silver

    I dont think it is wise to remove the well deserved ELO from hmky, They woke up at 6 AM, this can be a mayor letdown for them.
  11. Layhoun Platinum

    ^ agreed
  12. freeCapt Silver

    Plus they played so well, they absolutely dominated lol
    Darth_Bachious likes this.
  13. Maashg Platinum

    We will count first match for ELO!

    hmky +3
    APL +1
    Oblivion +0
    rawr -2
    tleese, Dahian and Darth_Bachious like this.
  14. Maashg Platinum

    We have changed something:

    - The team that damaged most nexus will get +2 point.
    For example, X clan is 4th but they damaged the nexus' most so +2 + (-2) = 0 total point.
    But if the winner of the match damaged the most then +1 so in total +4 ELO points.

    - Priority queue is updated.
    Priority queue to join the match:
    1- Winner of the last match
    2- New clans
    3- Clans that lost the chance to join by draw *NEW*
    4- Clans that played in the past

    For example, there are 4 slots for the next match but 5 clans applied. The clan who can't join by the draw, will be able to play next time.
  15. SaltyPasta472 Platinum


    With this change clans will get a too high difference in points. All games will be +4, +1, +0, -2. This doesnt make too much sense. The whole minus points dont make sense. I would recommend a point table, which is already used in real sports. This way we would get: +3, +2, +1, +0. With this change you would also close the gap between first and second place. Imagine that its the same whether you get first once and 2 times third or become 3 times second!
    This is kinda unfair and really not rewarding at all.

    The nexus damage to count in is a good idea but I personally would only count takedowns. Example: Second place took out 2 teams but during their last rush the remaing team destroyed their nexus.
    1. get 3 points
    2. get 3 points aswell (2 for second 1 for most takedowns)
    3 get 1
    4 get 0
    There would also be an option to just count nexus damage and it would determine which team will be placed higher.
    My last idea is that a total of 75 nexus damage grant you one point. The nexus damage from all games will be counted.

    If we keep the queue system as it is we will encouner one big issue. Some clans will play in like 75% of the games whille other have to wait 3 games to play once. Not even mentioning that clans who win will earn way too many point compared to the ones who just get second or third withe the way points are counted rn. You will simply have one clan playing all the time and have like 12 points while second place has maybe 4 after this week. This would be outcome if mizu wins and hmky gets second.
    Therfore the clans who win a game should be able to play again and again and again. This would just destroy the whole purpose of counting points.
    Layhoun likes this.
  16. Layhoun Platinum

    ^ i agree
  17. Chuytivity Gold

    Maashg likes this.
  18. Maashg Platinum

    (25th April) #4 Clan War | APL vs Mizu vs Team Turkish vs Alice
    First: Team Turkish (+3), second: APL (+1), third: Mizu (+0 (+2)), fourth: Alice (-2)

    - ELO -
    1- Mizu : 8 (+0 (+2))
    2- hmky : 3
    2- Team Turkish : 3 (+3)
    3- Oblivion : 1
    4- Alice : -1 (-2)
    5- APL : 0 (+1)
    6- Dear : -2
    6- rawr : -2
  19. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    ok that +2 makes no sense. shouldnt hmky have it aswell due to their first game. fix ur thing
    Layhoun likes this.
  20. Maashg Platinum

    (4th May) #5 Clan War | hmky vs Oblivion vs rawr vs Team Turkish
    First: Team Turkish (+3 (+1)), second: hmky (+1), third: rawr (+0), fourth: Oblivion (-2)


    Current ELO Scoreboard:
    1- Mizu : 8
    2- Team Turkish : 7 (+3 (+1))
    3- hmky : 4 (+1)
    4- Oblivion : -1 (-2)
    4- Alice : -1
    5- APL : 0
    6- Dear : -2
    6- rawr : -2 (0)

    Because in those matches, only game goal was winning. With +2 points update, we also made people focus on rushes to get more points by nexus damages. So the game going ways are different.

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