Christmas Cosmetics!

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Christmas Cosmetics!
  1. Murgatron Network Lead



    Hi everyone,

    We have just launched our Christmas Cosmetics over at the Shotbow Store - we've got new cosmetics including our first ever balloon, two player icons and a brand new pet. This is just a taster of what we're hoping to offer next year so players who directly support us get some cool and unique cosmetic items - stay tuned!!

    All items will be purchasable until the end of January 2018.

    From everyone at Shotbow, happy holidays and a happy new year! :)

  2. Koshkasa Obsidian

    I wonder why these items cannot be obtained with Shotbow XP, like Valentine, Snowballs and the Minecon horse.

    Wrong phrasing, actually I'm just curious what the official statement is, the reason itself is self-evident
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  3. ProjectMovieZ Regular Member

    When I first looked at this I thought it said "Christmas Cancelled" lol
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  4. Murgatron Network Lead

    As stated in the OP we want to reserve certain cosmetics to players who directly support us via purchases in our Buycraft store. The EULA has forced our hand in making changes to how we can monetise our server and ergo we are looking at alternative means to ensure we can run Shotbow.

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