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Suggestion Chewie

Discussion in 'Assault' started by Misterarmageddon, Jun 26, 2015.

Suggestion - Chewie
  1. Misterarmageddon Regular Member

    I've only been playing Assault for a single day now. However, that was more than long enough for me to notice how OP Chewie is. Chewie can spam shotgun-arrows, which can't be blocked, and if you take the full brunt of the attack, they will kill you in one hit. Not only that, but it can sustain far more damage than any other class I've seen. I've only successfully killed a player using Chewie once, and that time being when he was already damaged from my previous attack. (Which, I may add, was his only death the entire game) Something NEEDS to be done about this class.
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  2. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Chewwie is one of the least OP classes in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:
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  3. killer1o5 Platinum

    this kit dominates if you use it right
  4. KittensZ Platinum

    Chewie is the hardest class to use, but if you master it there is literally nothing anyone can do to kill you.
  5. Braunsleeve Platinum

    Meh. I feel like Chewie is good, but I could do better with like Luke instead. Chewie is good if you're camping around, the health allows you to sustain a lot before firing but I can easily take one out with Grievous
  6. FreeCookson Platinum

    Chewie is basically a tank meaning he's slow and can do a lot of dmg and has a lot of health. He's not very good in terms of accuracy or mobility. So if you try to just go straight up to a chewie and hit him its not gonna do very much.
  7. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Welp I bought Chewwie and so did my friend and I went 8 kills 1 death while only punching people.
    Chewwie's good when you're in a group so that you can provide heavy support damage
  8. Gallihad Retired Staff

    Also 1v1 is possible with only punching against a saver wielding sith!!
  9. BowsBeforeHoes Regular Member

    What I don't get is how shotbow even thinks that Chewie is fair.... It's a one hit kill AND the ammo sprays. Um. What? I've quit so many games because it isn't even enjoyable...
  10. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Chewwie is only ever a one hit kill if you fully charge the bow and hit EVERY shot.
    Chewwie is only good when you're in a group, because the longer charge up for the bow stops bowspamming so you're pretty damn ineffective close range, the shots are also hard to hit when long range too as they arc, just jump around and dodge until you get close.

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