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Suggestion Cherokee - Skybase Infestation

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by KINGMANENDERMAN, Jul 27, 2022.

Suggestion - Cherokee - Skybase Infestation
  1. ClearlyEnder Emerald

    Cherokee — Beloved map? Or cesspool for skybases?

    Cherokee is an old and beloved Annihilation map. However, I believe there is a problem with the map that needs to be fixed because it is literally game-breaking and frustrating: the extremely open nexus.

    The open design greatly weakens the defensive capabilities of a team, making it exponentially harder to defend because there are multiple points of entry that are mere blocks away from the nexus. Even teams with 3-5 defenders can't guarantee that an assassin or skybase rusher gets 1-2 hits since there are simply too many places to guard, unlike maps like Coastal, Aftermath, Hamlet, or Villages, which are more balanced.

    Surprisingly, this issue also negatively affects rushers too, not just defenders. The 1 x 1 hole behind the nexus allows players to easily void rushers with swapper and scorpio, basically making rushing on the map impossible against larger teams, an issue that has been made worse by teamstacking.

    To make Cherokee more balanced and by extension more enjoyable, I see two glaring fixes that are begging to be made: close the 1 x 1 hole behind the nexus, and close some of the other entrances. Even a small change, like the one seen below, can go a long way to make the map more balanced enjoyable. Please, at least consider these changes and understand the severity of this issue.


  2. Sens Platinum

    I think there should be some maps that are great for skybridges, kingdom is another example

    Because there'll also be matches where people just don't skybridge and can make the match different
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  3. AgentPanda_ Platinum

    different maps = different strats
    it's nice having a change in playstyle and there isnt a single iron in the nexus like coastal just hitting and making invis/leather rushing impossible
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  4. MrJuiceIce Regular Member

    My thoughts: I think the nexus should be left open since it makes it different like some people have already said here. It is good to have different maps with different possibilities. Cherokee is made for assassin / skybridge attacks. Also the void swapping hole makes it harder to rush with good gear since it's very easy to void someone.
  5. Exstern Platinum

    It's just a unique part of the map, at least I think. If every map had essentially the same layout and all the same tactics were viable for each, Annihilation wouldn't be any fun. If you are aware you have a high chance of getting voided doing an OP gapple rush on a map, you have to switch up the strategy and I think Cherokee embodies this very well.
  6. MilkeeW Platinum

    I enjoy Cherokee because it's different than the other popular Anni maps. It definitely adds more variety and enjoyment (for some) to the game. When I play Anni, sometimes, I don't want to spend however much time gearing up for a rush. A skybase attack is a mindless, relatively harmless way to play the game.
  7. Cupu Platinum

    Cherokee games are fast and fun. This is like the one map where it doesn't need a single change.

    If you're worried about the open block behind the nexus, then stand there lol.
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    The lack of options to deal with skybases is what causes this problem. Acrobat, Builder, Dasher, Sniper and Wizard are the classes that are most likely to counter skybridging. While Wizard and Sniper can be utilized from the ground they cannot remove the threat. Similarly, Dasher can be countered with a prepped skybridge design. With just Acrobat and Builder it is unlikely that you will build a staircase or ladder tower without being too little too late.

    I would say the best defensive strategy to skybridging would be to build an anti-skybridging staircase in phase one. This would also set up your own skybridging as a natural defense and natural offense. Also, with a skybridge in place over an enemy team you can identify where the enemy has set up teleporters and be able to break them as well. If you are defending normally on Cherokee, defend as Wizard. The freeze spell applies mining fatigue I, whirlwind can easily knock void attackers off the map and both the Fire and Wither spells can hit enemies through walls, effectively putting them in range at all times. Wizard also has the added bonus of being able to knock enemies off their skybridge or skypod before their teleporter is enabled, giving you precious time to stall if a staircase has not been made yet.

    Make sure to tell the Annihilation developers why the game needs some sort of feature like the vampire bat to counter rushes, if it had more limitations the bat transformation could've been saved. Phantoms would be the most likely candidate if it makes it's return, on account of the larger hitbox and the sounds it makes.

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