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Suggestion Cherokee should be Tier 6 because classes balance broken.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by LFI, Nov 7, 2019.

Suggestion - Cherokee should be Tier 6 because classes balance broken.
  1. LFI Regular Member

    Players are killed by Swapper and Thor during enchant or class change very easily.
    Swap trap that uses fall damage kill everyone except Acrobat immediately.
    Vamp rush seems to be spam.
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  2. connor564 Platinum

    I think this should go into a bigger debate of how maps are meant to favor certain classes.

    A huge example: Canyon.

    It's no secret that the Canyons map is meant to be played with classes that are built for mobility. Acrobat and Scout are probably the class that I see most (not counting miner), which makes sense, as it's a huge map with plenty of fall damage to spare.

    It's obviously not something thought of when maps are being created. I don't think Iceman was even a thing when the first version of the game was released with Coastal, but it's still one of the most favored classes on the map.

    Thor is a little tricky to deal with, because the class is pretty powerful on its own. Resistance 1 AND leather is essentially chainmail almost, and kb 2 with a 4 true damage ability is negotiable.

    Vampire is something that should be reworked. In my opinion, there should be a 25 block spherical area centered on the nexus where vampire doesn't work. This would combat people flying right into the nexus and force them to take routes where they might actually meet other players.

    Take what you want from this, just my 2 cents.
  3. Unhinge Platinum


    Yeah I agree, the map was built in a different time period without thor's KB and vamp's op fly

    Moving spawn's to inside the tee-pee and behind the melons would help a lot but for vampire, that just need's to be fixed itself
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  4. soto Platinum

    plug up the hole behind the nexus
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