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Suggestion Chat command to get Dasher's ender pearl for bug measures that lose ender pearl.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by rafaaplayer, Sep 1, 2019.

Suggestion - Chat command to get Dasher's ender pearl for bug measures that lose ender pearl.

Do you agree?

Agree 6 vote(s) 85.7%
Disagree 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. rafaaplayer Regular Member

    Speed pot effect disappears when players use the nether portal.
    Dasher need to be able to re get ender pearl in other ways.
    Chat commnad and free shop and so on.

    Bug of lose ender pearl has been around for several years and hasn't been fixed yet.
    I think they tried to fix this bug but couldn't.
    An alternative is required other than fix bug.

    P.S. Ender pearl refers to Blink.
    connor564 and VictorLight like this.

  2. soto Platinum

    I recommend - Use another item that represents the dasher's blink or the defender's teleportation pearl. The reason they mainly bug occurs if you spam the item due to panic or u're too impatient waiting for the cooldown. The algorithm/ code can't keep up with the fact that the pearl has another property and that way, it acts like a regular pearl.

    Any other item that doesn't have a secondary passive ability would suffice. I know the pearl is attractive but if you can't fix the bug, then please change it to either:
    - pink dye: dasher blink
    - purple dye: defenders teleportation.
  3. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I agree with soto, just changing the item would be a lot simpler and not open possible exploits.
    connor564, soto and rafaaplayer like this.
  4. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

    Changing class items for Dasher and Defender is the plan. The next round of Anni fixes is currently in the works. Eta pending dev availability.

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