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Changelog 2013-09-09

Discussion in 'State of the Server' started by TravisArmstrong, Sep 9, 2013.

Changelog 2013-09-09
  1. TravisArmstrong Retired Staff

    We will try to start doing this regularly so you guys see the stuff we fix behind the scenes.

    • Initial ShotBow integration has been completed with Ranks being transferred, the SpawnCannon updated, and chat colors. We understand some people are still working out their rank issues. We ask that you email [email protected] with a descriptive explanation and we appreciate your patience in a response.
    • Updated armor and potion restrictions on the website.
    • Filtered more admins from Leaderboards.
    • More Infinite Dispensers fixes.
    • Changed spawn cannon limits based on new ShotBow rank:
    Gold Min: 300
    Gold Max: 550
    Platinum Min: 0
    Platinum Max: 700

    • New Illegal Nether Portal detection and correction!
    • This plugin will go live at 8:00 PM on Tuesday September 10th! Be prepared!
    Since Mojang doesn't seem interested in fixing a major SMP bug... we decided we needed to take it into our own hands. There will be illegal nether portal detection and correction going forward.

    To make a proper portal there should be a 2 x 3 area of air on each side of an active Nether portal as shown here. If there is not the blocks will be automatically removed when someone enters or exits the portal and a warning will be sent to you in chat.

  2. vap0ur Platinum

    Last night the fence gates we had in front of our portal where removed by an admin and our faction leader was temp banned. There was no warning in chat.
  3. akalen4u Retired Staff

    It's been a long standing rule about nether portals.
  4. Virgoth098 Gold

    A warning being, "You have placed an illegal portal, it has been removed". As akalen said, this rule has been in since the early maps (4-5).
  5. mstromz Gold

    I'm a guy what doesn't even do that sorta thing...its illegal and it should be feared to do, because trapping players in a nether portal (where you can't even type /f stuck) is one of the more douchbag-esque moves that have been done.
  6. vap0ur Platinum

    Oh, I'm new to HCF. I thought this post was announcing a new rule.

    Our intentions were not to trap people, only to stop them getting into the base. We didn't realize they would get stuck or die or anything like that. Being knew to HCF I didn't know this happened.
  7. Rafiki2085 Developer

    It has nothing to do with HCF, its just how the base Minecarft code works for portals.

    We also have the rules clearly posted on the side bar of the sub-reddit "Server Rules"(https://docs.google.com/gview?url=http://hcfactions.net/pages/HCFactionsRules.pdf). I realize most people don't read the rules they just join a server and go, but ignorance of the rules is not a valid argument for doing something against the rules.

    The number of people that think going somewhere and going "I didn't know I could not do that" when its clearly posted in the rules just really is about the worst possible thing to say in my mind.
  8. vap0ur Platinum


    I'm not using it as an excuse not to be punished. It's our fault.

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