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Suggestion Change /minez deathmeasages to /minez dm

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Tatre, Apr 12, 2019.

Suggestion - Change /minez deathmeasages to /minez dm
  1. Tatre MineZ Mini Admin

    Since you have to constantly retype the command now for some reason it would be nice if it was shorter
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  2. Oraceon Obsidian

    I didn't know typing a few extra characters was so difficult for people.
  3. _Silver Gold

    It's a pretty harmless suggestion, really. At best it'll require modifying one line of code to make "dm" and "deathmessages" do the same thing. Even if he uses a command framework like ACF, it still just takes adding 1 annotation to add a code alias (which, again, is a single line). Besides, they already have /minez and /mz, which is even less of a time saver.
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  4. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer

    I am trying to get away from using lots of commands. This option will be moved over to the new toggle system coming in the next update.

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  5. Ceryl Regular Member

    its not that its hard to type, its the fact that everytime you log in you have to re type it every time. Often times you just forget to turn them on.
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  6. basti1499 Emerald

    You could instead just type /mz dea and then press TAB to auto-complete to command xd

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