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Annihilation CDS - Cartel De Sinaloa

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by Xeym, Sep 25, 2020.

Annihilation - CDS - Cartel De Sinaloa
  1. Xeym Platinum

    Shotbow - Annihilation
    Hello dear Shotbow community!
    We are CDS - An active Annihilation clan founded in 2020.
    We usually communicate in Spanish. However, we have members from around the world.
    Most of our members are new Annihilation players.
    General Rules:
    ~ Mature and friendly behaviour
    ~ No trashtalking in any way
    ~ Discord is a must-have for communication
    ~ Follow the Shotbow Rules
    If you want to apply for our clan feel free to message our leader Chapito_guzman ingame.
    Our Clan:

    Waths777 JorgeCJNG

    Wachiturro210 - ShinnyZ - Pacomagia - Jeann_ - FixScoutPls - Ciqa - Dark3ntity - Badd_Bunny - Banditpro5454 - DanielaMC

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