Question Can't Get On the Qubion Servers

Discussion in 'Qubion Creative' started by DiscoYouPRO_, Apr 25, 2017.

Question - Can't Get On the Qubion Servers
  1. DiscoYouPRO_ Regular Member

    I can't seem to get on the Qubion Creative Servers at the time of writing this, and it doesn't appear in the Game Selector, I tried right clicking the villager but the menu that pops up is blank. Was there maintenance at the time of writing this preventing me from playing, or is Qubion just dead now and Shotbow is left in the same position as Mineplex, has great games with basically nobody playing them.

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Are you on 1.8?
  3. McJeffr Regular Member

    Qubion is up and running and has been pretty active lately. Make sure you are on 1.8 as Qubion has yet to be moved over to 1.9.
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  4. FinHed Regular Member

    The main server is running on 1.9+, so for all Gamemodes (Other than Qubion for now) you will need to login with 1.9+ and Qubion is still in 1.8. So as long as you use version 1.8 - 1.8.9 you should join a lobby with only Qubion :)
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