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No Prefix Can we add chinese wiki?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by sdf007_dada, Apr 20, 2022.

No Prefix - Can we add chinese wiki?
  1. sdf007_dada Regular Member

    minez is very unfriendly to Chinese players
    We couldn't understand the help for the newbie and the server was so slow in china that we had to use a VPN.
    However, because domestic RPG servers in China are poorly built and the in-game fees are high, players want a high quality server.
    Due to language issues, we don't have a good understanding of Minez. So I hope the Shotbow will launch a Chinese version of the wiki. Or to the community
    Members can edit Chinese wiki. I also have great interest to finish this work.
    In addition, Minez's maps are difficult to access in China. Is there an offline version? I didn't know the proper place to post this post, so I posted it in the place with the last reply.
    A chinese player
    By google translate

  2. V_I_Pness Regular Member

    你个叼毛,不会用翻译啊,实在不行来玩核心战争 加我QQ 语音一起玩
  3. ment0l66 Emerald

    The problem with adding a new language to the wiki is the fact that the wiki (for MineZ) is quite extensive, and translating everything can take quite a while. The good news is that localization applications were open the other day and I think they still are, so if you think you can contribute you could apply for a position as localizer here.

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