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Suggestion Buy gang prefix

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by _Ahri, Jan 27, 2016.

Suggestion - Buy gang prefix
  1. xrcfvbn Platinum

    Might be a good idea being able to buy gang prefix for a money cost weekly/monthly, these prefixes must consist of 1-5 letters.
    The money should be taken from the gang's bank, if this fails, the total amount of money divided by the number of members the gang has will be taken from the bank of every member, if both fail, the subscription will end.

  2. Low_Ping Platinum

    I don't understand what you mean by Prefix, like global chat or gang chat. for example, If I were to talk it would say something like
    [gang][P]Low_Ping: (message)
  3. xrcfvbn Platinum

    Yeah, this is just for the extra swag points
  4. storm345 Developer

    Right now hovering over the [CIV] or [COP] in front of a player shows the gang. The issue with gang prefixes is that they take up space in the chat box. A colour for your gang might be nice though!

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