Question Building a plot that was premade on a singleplayer-world?

Discussion in 'Qubion Creative' started by MrHatless, Jun 17, 2017.

Question - Building a plot that was premade on a singleplayer-world?
  1. MrHatless Regular Member

    Am i allowed to use a mod like McSchematic to build the Facility ive made on my singleplayerworld?

    Or may it even be possible that i send a .schem file over, that an admin could later place it?

    (im working in singleplayer because i dont have a rank yet and want to have we access for quick reworks)

    Thx in Advance!

  2. McJeffr Regular Member

    Hey MrHatless,

    Mods like Schematica, McSchematic or anything else that is not listed as an approved mod are not allowed on Shotbow and Qubion and will result in a ban. We have a very strict policy against allowing people to import their plots onto Qubion and will not do so. The reason for this is that it allows for exactly what you just stated: Access to tools that you will not have on Qubion. Because Qubion is a rank-based server, lower ranks do not yet have access to WorldEdit, VoxelSniper or other tools as these are gained by ranking up. Allowing people to use these tools outside of Qubion, to then import plots made with these tools for quick promotion, is not something that we want and is rather unfair.

    Hope this answered your question!

    Kind regards,

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  3. MrHatless Regular Member

    Oh.... guess i can stop building then... :neutral_face:

    well, thanks anyways...

    Noticed that ive written the post a bit incorrect. Sounds like i just had a thing left over from something, which i could then just import. Thats not the case.
    I started building on it yesterday.
    Just to clarify things a bit more.

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