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Builder Applications Open + Dentril's New Moon July 2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Jul 1, 2019.

Builder Applications Open + Dentril's New Moon July 2019
  1. Mistri Network Lead


    Message from halowars91


    We are happy to open applications once more for the Shotbow Build Team. If you've ever wanted to help shape the games you enjoy playing, or leave your mark on the server, this is your chance to.

    In order to apply, please read these guidelines:
    • All builders are vetted before being allowed to proceed, so we require you to tell the whole truth about your history on Shotbow.
    • All builders are required to submit a portfolio of past builds. This is simply an album of your past builds. We ask that you please provide this portfolio in an Imgur album. These should be in the default texture pack with no shaders. We withhold the right to deny your application because you didn’t follow this rule.
    • All builders are required to have a microphone that they can use on Discord to communicate with the rest of the team.
    Being a builder is a unique opportunity to work with others on these modes, express yourself through building, and interact with players in a new manner. It has been a privilege for me to work with so many individuals over my 7 years helping Shotbow, and I hope to work with many more.

    Any applicants that are chosen will receive a message via our forums with more information. We ask that you give at least a week between when you submit your application and when you should expect to receive a message about your application.
    Hoping to hear from you and good luck!

    - Halo


    Hello Shotbow! This is Mistri, your host for this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. Please enjoy our updates for this month!

    Network Updates
    Just a few days ago, we released a ton of new balloon cosmetics for you to enjoy! In spirit of pride month, all pride balloons are free to you, forever. In addition, we have released a few new balloons in the Shotbow Store that you can purchase to support Shotbow! Read all about that here.

    MineZ Updates
    Lots of changes happened with MineZ this month. First and foremost, we released a suite of new updates to our PTR for player tests. The purpose of the PTR is for players to give feedback on new and upcoming changes before they're implemented on the live server. It's a ton of fun and I highly encourage you check it out here!

    Second, we posted an updated roadmap which shows our future plans for MineZ. Interested in the game's future? Read about it here!

    Next up, we also introduced a few new policies with regards to alternate accounts on MineZ. Please read about this important update here.

    We also made many changes to the MineZ map this month. All changes can be found on our changelog.

    Finally, MineZ Revelations Episode 5 - "Aftershock" was released. You can watch it here:

    Annihilation Updates
    The Annihilation Maps were rotated. If you're not familiar with rotation, please read our explanation thread here.

    SMASH Rankings
    The spring season has just finished, and the results are in:
    • 1st - _BrightDarkness_ - 75,000 XP
    • 1st - jiren74 - 75,000 XP
    • 1st - mattu34 - 75,000 XP
    • 2nd - ElbowBoi - 50,000 XP
    • 3rd - 5nr - unregistered account; no XP rewarded
    Mine Theft Auto
    MTA Leaderboards for June 2019
    • 1st - OakBasket773626 KDR: 144:0 (144.0)
    • 2nd - willow90 KDR: 82:0 (82.0)
    • 3rd - ChaosChan KDR: 51:1 (51.0)
    • 1st - YuKingRequiem Arrests: 11.0
    • 2nd - WindyGrass Arrests: 9.0
    • 3rd - Azura_04 Arrests: 4.0
    Experience Gained:
    • 1st - MESLEG Experience gained: 36004.0
    • 2nd - Viral333 Experience gained: 32756.0
    • 3rd - aaKvra Experience gained: 9854.0
    Minigames Won:
    • 1st - Viral333 Minigames won: 54.0
    • 2nd - MESLEG Minigames won: 24.0
    • 3rd - aaKvra Minigames won: 19.0
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • DJ_Pedro became the lead of the Ban Appeal Counselor team
    • Spark_Warrior was promoted to Full Localizer
    • A total of 105,850,883 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 792 players banned in the last month
    • This month, we reached a peak playercount of 501 on June 2
    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the month, and see you next time!

  2. _BrightDarkness_ SMASH Mini Admin

    "unregistered account; no XP rewarded" RIP
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  3. GalacticaGX Obsidian

    When you forget to create an account for your smurfs :lmao:
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  4. _BrightDarkness_ SMASH Mini Admin

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  5. schiindler Retired Staff

    i hope u guys like my application uwu
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  6. targetaquired Platinum


    when will i be updated on my application results?
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