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No Prefix Build Submission: Carpenter's Workshop

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by ManHeadRambo, Feb 11, 2023.

No Prefix - Build Submission: Carpenter's Workshop
  1. ManHeadRambo Platinum

    Yo, did a thing.
    Decided to go for the "Circle Tower" ruin. And as wished, did something totally different with the space rather than a rebuild. Considering the close proximity to a bridge and a large tree, I thought it fitting to build a carpenter's workshop and living quarters. A location not too dissimilar to Logging Camp, but more focused on woodwork and carpentry rather than, well, logging.

    In addition to the workshop and housing I added in an incomplete sailboat, with which the residents would've fled east in flight of the infection had they not succumbed to a horde. Considering the nearby river, I think it fits quite well.

    The housing proper has a fun puzzle to it as well. Being completely boarded off, the player has to find a different way inside. This is easily done through the broken down roof of the second floor.

    Album of screenshots:

    Schematic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3begmnfz4ctwi50/carpenter.schematic?dl=0
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  2. FireKnight1483 Platinum

    An amazing build, would love to see it added! :)
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  3. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer

    Excellent Build! We're really happy with it. Already reached out to you about it over discord but nonetheless:


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