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Build Guidelines and Projects

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Jan 21, 2023.

Build Guidelines and Projects
  1. MineZ Team Administrator

    Hello Builders!

    As we move into a new year, we have decided to take a different approach to how we interact with community build submissions.

    Given the long history of our game and map, it can be quite hard to select a location to rebuild as a community member. This can be further exacerbated by not knowing if a location has already been selected as part of a larger rework.

    In an effort to work better with you we would like to begin trialing a system for community builders. Listed below are several small to medium locations that are not within our scope for the next three months. While you may select any location outside of these, if you’re looking for a safe option to rebuild these minor locations would be a great help. In March we’ll look to evaluate how this approach has gone and cycle through some of these locations, refreshing the list with new options for community builders.

    Each location listed has a schematic of the area provided for you to start with.

    Further, we are changing how we reward players for their commitment to making the game better. Players who submit a build that is accepted will receive their choice of XP or a Silver Rank.

    • Jacsebalon’s Mansion: The east is full of mismatched builds. With a handful of forts and a good amount of mansions, we could do with a fresh take on a location here. It does not need to be a mansion, and should be something wholly different from the builds around it. SCHEMATIC
    • Circle Tower: Rebuilt by ManHeadRambo
    • Abandoned Lodge: To the west of Fort Erie, nestled on a ridge, is an abandoned lodge. This is a rather new location, but we’d like to offer up this area with the hopes that a community builder may have inspiration for this ridgeline. With Fort Erie nearby, perhaps you will make a location that goes with it? SCHEMATIC
    • Southern Forts: South of Stonehenge there are three minor locations within 50 blocks of each other; two forts and one tower. With this submission we are looking for something that levels all three of these builds and creates a new minor location. It can draw some inspiration from these old structures, but we are looking for something fresh. SCHEMATIC
    • Northern Ruined Fort: Rebuilt by ManHeadRambo
    Extra help for you:
    To ensure we set you up for success with your builds, we are providing you with a decent portion of our basic assets. You can see some variations of these throughout newer portions of the map.

    You are not required to use these but feel free to incorporate any of these that you wish. Maybe these will give you an idea for how to fill a space?

    Asset Schematic

    Submission Requirements:
    • You must have an album of screenshots taken in the vanilla texture pack without shaders. We recommend using Imgur to host them.
    • You must have a schematic of your submission. We recommend using MCEdit or Fast Async WorldEdit to create the schematic. To upload it we recommend using Dropbox.
    • Builds must be done on MC version 1.12.
    Keep your criticism constructive. Don't be rude!

    Closing Thoughts
    We hope this new approach to build submissions will be welcome. It is my desire to involve the community in more builds on the map, especially as work continues to update large portions of the terrain. This is not just the MineZ Team’s world.

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