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Discussion Bugs

Discussion in 'When in Rogue' started by craftengineer, Nov 12, 2021.

Discussion - Bugs
  1. craftengineer Platinum

    Listed here are some bugs and the methods to reproduce it. Hope the developer can fix these soon.

    1. Lava bucket
    Exchange a bucket (item from chest) with the one in your inventory. You can now pick up and place lava. You can also pick up water, but since you are in the nether, the water will evaporate when you place it down.

    2. Fishing
    Combine two fishing rod in the crafting grid to get a fishing rod that you can use to fish.

    3. Stacking items (stackable items only)
    Place the items in your crafting grid, then exit from the inventory screen. Stacked items cannot be pickup or moved in the inventory using the mouse. To move the items into the hotbar, use the number keys. Good for stacking golden apples, mana potions, ender pearls, etc. Unfortunately stacked items don't sell for extra. Game just thinks you have 1 of that item.

    4. Crafting bricks
    Place 4 clay bricks in crafting grid.

    5. Fire resist potion
    Exchange any potion with the fire resist potion in your inventory (Alchemist only). Now you have a splash fire resist potion.

    6. Double arrows and bandages
    Move those items away from slot 8 and 9 of your hotbar right before you enter a dungeon. Those items will appear back at those slot when you spawn in the dungeon. In Team play, you can just go to town and rejoin your game to get more bandage.

    7. Stacking Items to max amount (most useful for arrows)
    Place arrows in off hand. Any arrows picked up from the ground will be stacked into the off hand, up to 64 (1 stack). Like above, the items cannot be moved. Also, using the above method, arrows can also be stacked in the hotbar, allowing you have have your 128 arrows required to kill the Slime Boss.

    8. Reviving with full health (team only - does not work for solo)
    Go to town and rejoin the dungeon will revive you with full health.

    9. Double money at the end of the round (team only - does not work for solo)
    The last player alive can revive another player and the immediately die, allowing the other player to win the round. If done successfully, the game will treat that as another win, thus rewarding the whole team another round of the reward.

    10. Skipping rooms that require full party (team only - does not work for solo)
    If any member of the party is left behind while the others are waiting in a room that requires the full party, the member that is left behind can leave the game (go to town, and then rejoin the dungeon). By leaving the game, the other party members can continue with the game.

    11. Unlocking doors
    Type /opensesame while holding the key. If it does not work, try dropping the key and picking it up again.

    12. Skipping locked doors
    Use an ender pearl to bypass the locked door.

    13. Activating the puzzle room without being at the entrance of the puzzle room. (Jungle dungeon)
    Rooms are too close together, so the game thinks you are in the puzzle room.

    14. Getting stuck (Jungle dungeon)
    Rooms are too close together, so the game thinks you are outside of one of the adjacent room, and teleport you back into the start of the room.

    15. Inhibitor outside the map (Jungle dungeon)
    Not sure how this works. Another player says the inhibitor is outside the map, so we cant continue with the game.

    16. Starting the game with extra items
    You can get iron sword, mana potion, health potions, etc from the menu before entering the dungeon.

    17. Charging outside dungeon or under spawn in town (Warrior only)
    Charging can sometime put you in unexpected areas. Sometimes inside a wall, sometimes under the dungeon, sometimes under the spawn area in town, and sometimes in another room adjacent to the one you were in. This can also be used to skip locked areas.

    18. Reroll artifacts

    To be continued...

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