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Bugs for When in Rouge Alpha Week #5

Discussion in 'When in Rogue' started by Derek_B, Jun 8, 2020.

Bugs for When in Rouge Alpha Week #5
  1. Lutho_Miner Platinum

    Week #5 When in Rouge Bugs
    • You can teleport through walls using the knight's class Charge ability.
    • falling into lava/void in Hard or Iron man Levels will kill you instead of tp-ing you back up. (Not sure if this is intestinal or not.)
    • Sometimes when spawning a mini-boss will crash your dungeon server. (Reason: unknown.)
    • Purchasing max health will show a glass bottle as the black & purple Error texture.
    • When killing all players again in deathmatch it will double the gold you got from the dungeon level, this can go on and on until your party is tp to the next level.
    • Mobs and mini-bosses will despawn if a player(s) get a few 100 blocks away.
    Notes: Not sure what cause the mini-boss(s) to crash my dungeon server it has happen to me two times when spawning a mini-boss.

  2. lazertester Lead Developer

    Which mini boss?
  3. Lutho_Miner Platinum

    I couldn't tell, it kicks me out of the server before I could see the health bar, but i remember it's one of the jungle bosses maybe the corrupter. I hope this information helps.
  4. crue911 Silver

    happened to me with the corrupter on some of the first floors

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