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No Prefix Buff the West (Not meant to be toxic)

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by NotCopyrighted, Nov 10, 2019.

No Prefix - Buff the West (Not meant to be toxic)
  1. NotCopyrighted Platinum

    I don't know what exactly needs to be done but what I do know is that there is no good source for pots and I can never get iron. Please make the West as good as the East.
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  2. Tozzu Platinum

    wow ur toxic
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  3. NotCopyrighted Platinum

    No u
  4. Meifot Silver

    How would you suggest buffing the west, off the top of my head, bringing back old SoP would be good for pots and west PvP. Perhaps adding a few more epics in the more northwestern areas of the map too, but I am not sure much could be added since the west is a lot easier then say, Agni,
  5. Groovyy Platinum

    They should make [IMG][IMG]the area by ghost fleet (To the left of Ghost Fleet) world edited and make it a larger island, and add a giants camp to it. Make sure that the giants despawn as soon as entering water and wala. Accompany that with a new pot chest location or even give wayvernia a pot rare and I think the west has everything it needs.
  6. Groovyy Platinum

    Here is where I was talking about
  7. Tozzu Platinum

    Why? The new one loot wise is just all around better than the old one.
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  8. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    When we balance the loot of different parts of the map, we consider many factors, such as travel difficulty, mob difficulty, access difficulty, source of water or other supplies, and bandit difficulty.

    The west is safe. It is very far from the field objects where many clans and players server hop and fight each other. There are no towns in the western forest biome that have mob spawners or intentional traps that are meant to kill you. It is also easier to travel around. In the gravel canyon, you get lost if you are not familiar with the terrains and have to go all the way around to travel from towns to other towns. While in the west you simply go straight to the coordinates without any terrain challenges.

    To summarize, the west is designed to be 'low risk low return', while regions like stone mountain or gravel canyon are designed to be 'high risk high return'. If you look up the # of supplies (food, civ, water) and rewards (military), you will see that the west has way more supplies than rewards, while the gravel canyon and stone mountain have the opposite.

    As an experienced player, you may think the gravel canyon or stone mountains are simply better than the west because you can easily survive and travel in the dangerous regions on the map. However as a normal player's perspective, the west is a very good gearing spot where you can avoid risks such as bandits, terrain difficulty, travel difficulty, and resource difficulty

    I don't believe making all northern part of the map have same difficulty level is good for the game as it disallows players to choose whether to challenge the difficulty factors based on their skill level.

    I am always happy to review any balance suggestions for the game. Please keep making suggestions and asking us questions!
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  9. kbsfe Gold

    While the West is a lot safer and still well viable for gearing, there is currently nowhere you're able to obtain Diamond Swords in that area of the map, meaning you're not really capable of fully gearing there and after getting all your other gear after gearing, you'll need to head east if you want a Diamond Sword.

    Have you at all debated adding an area in the West that's a lot more dangerous than the normal areas in the West of the map, but spawns giants; or do you want Diamond Swords and other giant- exclusive drops to be restricted solely to the East?
    My personal opinion is that I think an area much riskier than the Giant spawns in the East placed in the West could be healthy for the balance, risking your supplies more, but not having to travel all the way across the map to a much easier Giant spawn; though I'm curious on yours and other members of the balance team's opinion on these few subjects as a whole.
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  10. Meifot Silver


    Wasn't the old one, 4 uncommons and a rare?
  11. Tannatron Builder

    I agree that the West needs a bit of love, as its often neglected compared to the other parts of the map. Most of it is bland and uninteresting with the basic forest covering most of it, and the empty islands in the north. The only way i see that would attract more player traffic would to make it more viable in terms of loot, or to add a new region similar to the gravel canyons like a Mesa biome. Also the West needs giants or an alternative competitive item that would be exclusive to the west, much like how it was with depth striders and Giant's farm except more balanced.
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  12. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    Diamond swords are not an item you must have in order to survive up north. Giants are field objects that are meant for a challenge for skilled players, and is completely optional.

    Regarding giants, I'd like to talk about one of my plans, which is an essential and fundamental plan for the future of the PvP community.

    The reason why Al Hasa used to be the most populated trade spot on PvE, and is still the most dangerous town on public servers at the same time is because Al Hasa is the last sanctuary of the dangerous gravel desert canyon. Many people visited Al Hasa for water refills, civilian and healing supplies before and after fighting a giant. Considering all other towns at gravel canyon have a small loot variety, limited amount of loot chests and water, food sources, and potential risks such as a death parkour and zombie spawners, Al Hasa is relatively a very safe town - it has civilian, healing, food supplies and water source, no zombie spawners or potential risks of death. This is the only town in the gravel canyon that have an enough number of civilian chests of 6.

    Eventually it has become a town of bandits and clans that try to claim the town from other clans in order to get supplies that they need to hunt a giant. Smaller clans needed more clan members in order to fight bigger clans, and that's how normal MIneZ player became hardcore PvPer. The concept of ‘last sanctuary of the dead land’ with a very interesting terrain features such as canyon, bridges, slope that make players not be able to move from locations to locations freely brought all the skilled players to the region and made Al Hasa a great PvP hotspot. This is the only feature that MineZ has, and this made MineZ totally different than any other minecraft gamemodes. If we put a giant spawn at the west, we are basically throwing away a cool feature that only exist in MineZ and separating the current small number of PvPers into different regions, making fights happen less often.

    Let's be real here. The PvP community will eventually die out as time passes - Note that giants are the main reason why people have started trying to go to al hasa for potions, then naturally started fighting each other and growing their clans to get stuff that they needed to kill a giant. By only having the boss mob at one centered location, we can expect people going to al hasa not just for pvp but to get stuff that they need in order to kill a giant, and this is exactly how the current pvp community has formed.

    But now, people do not go to Al Hasa to kill a giant. There are just a bunch of pvpers trying to fight each other without any specific goal. We can’t expect people keep going to Al Hasa just because it is a traditional pvp spot.

    I do believe the idea of making gravel region more difficult and challenging will definitely bring new players to the PvP community in a long term, and is the only way to do so. Many new players will prepare and have a dangerous travel to gravel land, fighting other players and giants with limited resources, and eventually join the PvP community. Not placing a giant spawn at west may seem like a convenience problem, but it is actually heavily related to the future of the PvP community.

    Now, to all players from the PvP community, please let me know how you feel about this plan, or if you have any other ideas.
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  13. Saviour Regular Member

    add mini bosses to the west :heart:
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  14. Saviour Regular Member

    I think most people (Koreans, TIN (Cyclone's Clan), and people like me and friends that I play with) have alts at both Hasa and Crowmure so when you want to change location, or fight someone who is in the east or west, you just log in an alt. So I think putting a Giant's Camp in the west wouldn't separate the community more than it is right now. I see multiple people who have d swords at Crowmure, like 80% of the groups I fight have dswords. So they obviously went to the east side of the map, fought a giant, and then instead of deciding to go to Hasa, went to Crowmure instead.

    I dont know the initial reason behind why Al Hasa is a pvp spot, and what you said about people needing to restock on supplies to fight giants is probably true. But I dont think that applies now, to most of the people in the PvP community. I know that personally I dont need anything more than a few potions and possibly a bandage and milk. I know that also applies to most people who have been playing this game for a long time aswell. So the only reason people go to Hasa nowadays is to fight someone. If there is nobody around then they will log in at Crowmure and try to find someone to fight there.
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  15. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    For now the reason doesn't apply to the current PvP community. I am planning this for the future so that there will be new generation of pvpers joining the PvP community for the same reason. The whole giant and loot mechanics will be changed in the future as well.

    By having two giant spawns, we're making nearby region less dangerous, less competitive, and less populated, as well as devaluing diamond swords and infinity bows. Not to mention that not everyone has alts, and we do not want alts to be something necessary for players to have in order to have equal chance to fight other players.

    Even with alts, if there is one region with field objects and every pvpers go there, a chance for someone to meet other players is significantly higher than when there are two regions with field objects where everyone has to repeat logging in and out between locations several times to find players to fight.
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  16. Groovyy Platinum


    I appreciate your replies on this thread as it gives us the players some insight on where you’d like MineZ to be heading in the future.

    Apart from dungeons what incentive do players have to visit the west side of the map? Players can easily head to Agni, mining town etc and get full iron quite easily along with other supplies from Ab farm and hasa, this gives users everything they need plus they have the bonus of being the right side of the map for giant spawns. So why head west side?

    I think there needs to be some map balancing but it’s hard to pinpoint where things need to change, I understand your reluctance to add giant spawns to the west side as it does defeat the object of the gravel lands but then an alternative needs to be in place so that there is more value to the west side.

    I don’t know if possible but make it so that you can only find specific items on the west side? You have a chance of getting speed pots in pot_rare chests, make this only available on pot_rares on the west side? Alternatively you could have another valuable item that is only obtainable on the west side.

    I am sorry if this reply seems rushed, I’m at work and cannot spend too much time on this.

    Would love your opinion
  17. cyclone_43 Silver

    The west has depth strides and as previously stated dungeons. It's fairly meh loot, but is extremely easy to traverse. It's suited well for never players and larger groups. Hence why I've stationed myself in the west for the past couple years.
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  18. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    I'd love to have special items or features that you can't get anywhere else on the map but at the west. But this must be not as powerful as diamond swords or infinity bows, and have to be optional (means players do not get significant amount of advantage by using that item). Currently the west has some special items/features, such as more dungeons and depth striders. Although I believe it already has enough special loot, I'll definitely consider adding new stuff to the west.

    Regarding your concern about loot balance between regions, here is what I said in one of the comments.

    'As an experienced player, you may think the gravel canyon or stone mountains are simply better than the west because you can easily survive and travel in the dangerous regions on the map. However as a normal player's perspective, the west is a very good gearing spot where you can avoid risks such as bandits, terrain difficulty, travel difficulty, and resource difficulty'

    Hope this answers your question.
  19. cyclone_43 Silver

    Depth stride pants are a western-exclusive item that's pretty good. I've had a fair amount of pvp at waterspire because of it
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