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Suggestion Buff Ideas for Robin Hood Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Maashg, May 31, 2017.

Suggestion - Buff Ideas for Robin Hood Class

Which suggestion is good?

Everykill gives 8 arrows 9 vote(s) 75.0%
Chain leggings 5 vote(s) 41.7%
A potion of healing 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Death will not remove 1 tier from the bow of justice 6 vote(s) 50.0%
New tiers 5 vote(s) 41.7%
All bow damages need nerf 4 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Maashg Platinum

    Hello everyone, i am Maashg.
    Everybody thinks Robin Hood is so hard and weak class.
    So i have some buff ideas for Robin Hood.
    If you liked or did not like my suggestions, please write a comment and vote that poll.
    We don't have a lot of player in Annihilation games anymore so Tier 7 (90 kills) is impossible.

    Buff ideas:

    -Everykill gives 8 arrows.
    -Chain leggings.
    -A potion of healing.
    -Death will not remove 1 tier from the bow of justice.
    -New tiers:

    • Tier 0: 0 Kills - Unbreaking 3
    • Tier 1: 5 Kills - Power 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier 2: 10 Kills - Power 2, Unbreaking 3, Punch 1
    • Tier 3: 15 Kills - Power 3, Unbreaking 3, Punch 1, Flame
    • Tier 4: 20 Kills - Power 3, Unbreaking 3, Punch 2, Poison 1
    • Tier 5: 30 Kills - Power 4, Unbreaking 3, Punch 2, Flame, Poison 1
    • Tier 6: 40 Kills - Power 5, Unbreaking 3, Punch 2, Flame, Infinity
    NOTE: In my opinion, all bow damages need nerf (General suggestion).
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  2. Champion_Guiga Gold

    So from what I've seen, the Robin Hood class is terrible because of how fast it dies to mobility classes since there is no way to fight back with melee and win. The bow simply doesn't have enough damage or sustain early, and you just end up reset at 0.

    My problem with some of your suggestions is that it doesn't really address the problems or suite the kit well. Chain leggings and a potion of healing doesn't really apply in this situation as the potion won't matter in these fights where Robin Hood dies, and chain leggings wasn't meant to be bundled with the kit at all.

    Furthermore, the other two suggestions at the top take away fundamental features or drawbacks of the class that were placed by developers for balance. Giving Robin Hood 8 arrows negates the presence of Infinity as an end goal. Also not removing tiers of the Bow of Justice on death removes the entire idea of this class being a counterpart to Berserker. The class is supposed to be a risky but rewarding kit to allow players to gear up without having to visit mines and to go out and just PvP.

    Finally, the new tiers you suggested aren't well thought out. Robin Hood is extremely susceptible to snowballing out of control, especially once reaching the Punch and Flame levels of the bow. However, the real problem is how hard it is to keep a streak and trying to be perfect at everything. Where you put Flame is extremely dangerous, because that is where the point of snowball is going to begin. Players will be unstoppable once reaching there, and really will be suffering no penalty with such short tiers. All you really did was remove the starting potential of the bow by setting it to just Unbreaking III, making it difficult to get started, but once you reach 10-15 kills you are on a roll and are going to kill everyone.

    Also there is a huge mistake in the tiers when you reach Tier 6. Tier 5 is more powerful than Tier 6 in this model, because you can sacrifice +1 damage for the poison effect which will do better damage. Furthermore, the Infinity would be useless if the first idea was added on top of this.

    Here is my solution:
    First, add Unbreaking III to all tiers of the bow. I've seen some people have their bows break (refer to SkyeZ's Robin Hood montage also), which really shouldn't happen considering that this is Robin Hood's bow.
    Second, players at Tier 0 cannot be downgraded by dying. Furthermore, players at Tier 1 will be downgraded to 10 kills upon death, retaining their winnings. For those that need to know, here are the implications of such a change:
    • Players will no longer be penalized for a slow early game! For a class that is meant to include no grinding, you can die super easy early on, especially to the unbalanced Scout and Acrobat classes. The Robin Hood needs a threshold to stay on during early phases of the game. This way, if you get to 9 kills and die, you won't have to start all over.
    • No player will be penalized down to nothing if they continue dying, ever. The lowest you can get after the first 10 kills is Tier 1, making Robin Hood the highest hitting ranged class in the game, but not without sacrificing the sustain and safety that Archer gives. Now all players have to do to gain this advantage is to pick-up and play Robin Hood then kill 10 people. Don't switch or you'll lose it though.
    • Beyond Tier 1, nothing really changes. Tier 2 might be a bit rough, but once you get Poison for the first time, you can start snowballing with the class, which will still retain the intended skill cap of making it to 30.
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  3. drewko09 Platinum

    just came out, give it a chance
  4. royalben10 Regular Member

    I've given it a chance, and i've got to say that the class just sucks. It is nearly impossible to achieve tier 90 within regular play, and even then, it is only as good as what can be easily enchanted in game. Part of what makes this class suck is that the bow is never powerful enough for your foes, as it is susceptible to being curb stomped by the OP scout and/or acrobats in the early game, and not having enough dps to take out diamond foes in the late game.
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  5. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    We can try these ideas in sandbox games. These are better than current Robin Hood and it is really bad class now. Sniper is even better :D
  6. Champion_Guiga Gold

    C A N Y O U N O T .
  7. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Are you serious? Why you said it 2 times LMAO. Did you know i shared it before and you said CANYOU NOT 2 times. 1 time is enough. So please C A N Y O U S T O P O P P O S I T I O N.
  8. DR_DRE_HERE Regular Member

    like the arrows but maybe less than 8
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  9. BananaPuncher714 Regular Member

    Or you could make this class do what Robin Hood does, and make the arrows do more damage to armored people. Also, whenever you hit someone, there's a chance of you stealing a random item not in their hotbar.

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