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Class Suggestion Brute

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by GewoonRobbie, May 29, 2015.

Class Suggestion - Brute
  1. GewoonRobbie Silver

    You are the strength, you bring fear to the battlefield, crushing your enemies.

    Starter armor:
    Leather helmet, Leather chestplate, Leather leggings, Leather shoes

    Starter weapons:
    Stone sword, wooden pickaxe, wooden axe, [Roar]

    Class abilities:
    [Roar]Can be used once in a minute, this will drop the item of an enemy (radius 5 blocks)

    Buffs: Resistance
    Debuffs: Slowness

    Don't like this idea? Please post why!

  2. macman18 Platinum

    i see that a lot of time went into this thread...
  3. movaraftus Regular Member

    This is a nice base for a good sounding class. What I would do is that is seems that noone would really play because there are no other perks. I would suggest that the brute spawns with a stone sword, wooden pick, wooden axe, (optional:compass) and the ROAR. This is because the brute sounds like a tank-like class so a stone sword would be nice. Also, what item would the ROAR be and what is the ROAR's radius? When you use it, does it just drop an item that any player has? So far, I would at least add what I have said and try to make the post more aesthetically pleasing, it increases the chances of staff and members reading it.
  4. Penguinepowadude Silver

  5. GewoonRobbie Silver

    I didnt have time to make it look good when I created this, it is updated now.
  6. Xycao Silver

    i would make the ROAR a dye or something

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