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Other Bringing back the old playerbase! | Shotbow Playercount

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Upside_Down, May 6, 2020.

Other - Bringing back the old playerbase! | Shotbow Playercount
  1. Upside_Down Regular Member

    Hello everyone,

    Today I am giving my opinion on the current state of Shotbow, how it could be done better and suggestions to improve the player base.

    Firstly, I want to introduce myself a little… Hi, I am Axyy! An old Shotbow player that used to be active from the end of 2014 till 2017. I used to be a GG and SMASH admin back in 2016 and I have to admit, these years were the best of my life so far. I’ve made lots of friends here, and I’m really thankful for that. The reason I quit Shotbow in 2017 was because of a permanent ban, so it wasn’t really my own choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Let’s get started on the main points. I have to be honest, I really really think Shotbow is doing a great job at the moment, especially with the MineZ: Origins coming out soon, perfect timing. I also love the fact that Lazertester has returned to Shotbow, and of course the biggest of them all, “When in Rogue Alpha”. To be honest, I have never seen Shotbow developing something so fast, which is great!


    Yes, everybody knows. Shotbow is not what it used to be. I am not going to lie, Shotbow has done this themselves. Wrong decisions, updates taking forever (especially 1.9), not listening to community at times. I can go on, but that’s not the reason for this thread. I love Shotbow, I’ve done so much for the community over the years, from hosting events, giveaways and more. That’s why it hurts me to see Shotbow not being a big network anymore, even though I’m banned, I still care a lot about Shotbow.


    The 1.9 update:
    Yes, the 1.9 update took forever, way too long. A big reason why a lot of staff members and players left the server, it just took forever while other big network updated within a day of the 1.9 release.

    Removing the EU servers:
    It’s a decision I understand but it’s a reason why lots of players left. Such as SMASH players, SMASH had the biggest player base on the EU proxy servers and they all left for other SMASH servers since the ping on the US servers is just horrible to play SMASH on for the EU players.

    Changing lobbies:
    SMASH lobby, in my eyes the current lobby is really bad. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great but it’s just not good for SMASH. Players liked the old lobby so much more, all the secrets were just amazing. If you didn’t want to play a game, you could run around in the lobby for ages without getting bored, even after playing SMASH for years. I used to be an active SMASH player so I know this is true.
    GG lobby, sorry, the lobby is horrible. The old lobby was so simple but still a lot better than this one. When you fail the parkour it’s so hard to get back up where the game signs are. A lobby needs to be a place where you can hang around if you just don’t want to play a game, you should be able to explore a lobby, which is not possible. There are barrier blocks everywhere, you can't climb on anything, it’s horrible. Here are two pictures of 2 big issues in the lobby, how can you release a lobby when it has this kind of builds? Click HERE.

    GG in general:
    GG has so much potential, there are PVP servers out there who have so many players. GG has even more potential with all the features they have, such as MineZ PVP. My problem with GG is the lack of updates, the KOTD arenas are the same for years, which has the same bugs as back in 2016. By the way, is events on GG still a thing? When I was Admin on GG I used to host a lot of GG Events, a lot of players joined. They loved it, every single time. Start doing more of these. Also, the lead admins of GG should have listened more to the community over the years. Back in 2016, I suggested an Annihilation PVP mode, just like MineZ had one. I was told that it was added to their list, but yet not added. Now, 2020, Squally suggested it again, an Annihilation PVP mode. I see no comment from any staff member on it?


    More updates:
    Just do more updates for all games, don’t just focus on one game at a time. People get bored really fast of playing games with almost no updates. Just add some new stuff to SMASH, Death By Void, or Slaughter.

    Ban reset:
    I know this will never be done by Shotbow because they simply don’t want to give people second chances? I’ve seen this suggestion so many times, it’s just unbelievable. This is probably the best chance of getting a higher player base, especially during this pandemic. Just imagine, how many players will return to Shotbow if a ban reset is done. Just imagine. Over the last few years, I’ve posted multiple ban appeals myself, I really understand why I’m banned but I do not agree on the way Shotbow has handled my ban. I posted an appeal at the start of 2020, I apologized for the thing that I did ‘which was not allowed’, it’s really small btw. In my appeal, I stated that I am willing to bring back my old clan, old friends, just old players in general. Believe it or not, I was well known in the EU community and I could easily bring back a lot of old friends from my clan back in 2016/2017. After everything I’ve done for the network, Shotbow is still too proud to give me a second chance. But wait, not only me. Same counts for SquallyTheWally, a person who has meant even more for the community. It’s just unbelievable. We were both told that we are free to play on another account, which just kills your motivation. Players want to play on their own account.
    My question, why won’t you do a ban reset? I get that a lot of rule-breakers will return but you have a big staff team. There are less hackers on 1.9+ and players finally get their second chance. Oh, I almost forgot, this will bring back lots and lots of players. What’s more important Shotbow? Your pride or the fact that you can bring back your player count? Even the biggest servers such as Hypixel and CubeCraft don’t perm ban for cheating anymore. (At least not the first offense, the second one is perm I believe).

    Bring back the EU servers:
    I know, it’s expensive. But if you are trying to get players back, this will be a good way to go. I believe it will bring back lots of players if the EU servers return.

    Keep listening to the community:

    Currently, Shotbow is doing an Ok job at it. But keep listening, because not listening to the community is one of the biggest mistakes a server can make. Shotbow had made the mistake multiple times over the last few years, so keep going! :)

    At last…

    I may have sounded a bit angry at times, in this thread but it’s all because I love Shotbow and I really do want to see the server growing again. I just want the best for everyone, only when the staff and community work together there’s a chance of bringing back the old community.


  2. Mistri Network Lead

    I love threads like this! They're positive, constructive, and aren't unnecessarily toxic. Thank you for doing this!

    I'll respond to most of your points here:
    • 1.9 update - yes, we acknowledge this was a bad time and we've learned from it
    • Removing EU servers - yes, none of us wanted it this, but unfortunately it had to be done. We aren't at the point where we're able to support a separate EU instance just yet, but it may come back in the future depending on our growth.
    • Changing lobbies - I've never heard this complaint before, and I'm not sure I agree that it will help anything, but I'll bring it up internally
    • GG - we have plans to revamp GG after Origins is released
    • More updates - we all want more updates! However, updates come from developers, and developers work on projects they're passionate about. So, games receive updates when they have active developers. For games like SMASH and Slaughter, we don't have developers, so these games don't get as much love as they could. We're bringing on new Jr. Devs soon who may turn this around, though! :)
    • Ban reset - I've also heard this suggested quite a few times. Last time I checked, most of the staff were against it, but I'm not entirely sure about the present day. I'll bring it up internally.
    • Keep listening to the community - that's my job! :) glad you think we're doing better now, I also think so as well :stuck_out_tongue:

    PS I love how you're using the official Shotbow Brand & Style Guidelines for your thread format, whether you know it or not :lmao:
  3. Upside_Down Regular Member


    Hehe, thanks for your feedback!

    Ps. Late congrats on getting network lead, I know you will do a great job at it. :)
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  4. Mission Gold

    Great high quality thread!
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  5. iVulcan Platinum

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  6. salTequilla Silver

    I don't really understand why it would be a problem to give the most popular gamemodes just 1 EU server. Is it really that expensive? I understand a full hub and multiple EU servers per game mode is way too expensive to uphold, and wouldn't have quite enough players to maintain them. Is the lack of EU players really that big that there isn't enough to fill up 1 server?
  7. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    I definitely agree with this (Also, we definitely do need quicker updates, namely server-wide updates to current versions like 1.13/14/16.

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