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Suggestion Bring Back HCFactions BACK PLEASE!

Discussion in 'The Network' started by alslayyyy, Jul 1, 2021.

Suggestion - Bring Back HCFactions BACK PLEASE!
  1. Xoiilty Regular Member

    I don't know what the reason was for to take out Hardcore Factions off the ShotBow Network but what every the owner did it for could you please re-consider bringing it back please it'll save HCF and the community of HCF the original Hardcore survival action pack like I hope you do cause all the other HCF servers are trash with kits and all that but all in all please bring back the OG hardcore factions to the server all the OG hcf players will come back and play promise you that.

  2. schiindler Retired Staff

    HCFactions was one of the harder games to maintain from the network for multiple reasons. To keep it brief, the factions community is a relatively toxic environment in comparison to what Shotbow strives to produce--no more than any other competitive game, but not something that Shotbow wants to associate with. The Admins of Shotbow weren't equipped to moderate HCF, not to any fault of them but just because it's so vastly different than Shotbow's rules.

    Also, there were a few blunders that hurt HCF and other services just won over the community. Besides, most of the staff who used to maintain HCF are no longer around, and it would take a lot to convince most to come back lol. In larger games like League, Valorant, CS:GO, community toxicity doesn't effect the developers or staff like it does in a smaller community in my opinion.

    For those reasons and I'm sure others, I doubt HCF will be making a return.
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