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Suggestion Bloodmage Revamp

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Riot_zyong, Apr 25, 2015.

Suggestion - Bloodmage Revamp

Do you like this idea and want it to be implemented?

Poll closed May 2, 2015.
Yes 14 vote(s) 60.9%
No 5 vote(s) 21.7%
Shaddup and take my money! 4 vote(s) 17.4%
  1. Yarett Platinum

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!

    The current bloodmage is lame. I am here to suggest an idea that will make bloodmage viable again.

    Bloodmage spawns with all wood tools, and a blaze rod renamed 'Blood Staff'. He can right click this on an enemy to transfer health to himself, or right click at a teammate to transfer his health to them. His Blood Staff feasts on the blood of his foes, strengthening at certain number of kills.
    0 Kills: Transfers 1 heart.
    3 Kills: Transfers 1.5 hearts.
    5 Kills: Transfers 2 hearts. Victim receives Weakness I for 5 seconds. Teammate receives Strength I for 5 seconds.

    -Cooldown could be either 30 seconds or 60 seconds.
    -The user and his teammate can receive additional health, for example: if Bloodmage right clicks on an enemy when he has 10 hearts, he gets 1 extra heart. If Bloodmage right clicks on a teammate with 10 hearts, he gets 11 hearts.
    -No one can be affected by health transfers twice in 30 or 60 seconds.
    -Health transfer has a range of 10 blocks (Can be changed according to opness)
    -There can be a kill counter beside the Blood Staff like if you have 3 kills, it should show as: 3;Blood Staff;30 (This is the cooldown)
    -If possible, when Bloodmage transfers health, there should be red particles forming a line between the user and the victim/teammate. And maybe a little bit more particles at the person who benefited so that people will know.
    -Victims affected by health transfer will not have their maximum health taken away. They can regenerate this missing health.

    Bloodmage is a versatile class that can either transfer his enemies health to his to get the advantage or transfer his health to his teammates to give them a boost.

    Thanks for reading. Comments/opinions/suggestions/nerfs/buffs/hate/love are appreciated.
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  2. Sevy13 Administrator

    The class really needs something and this sounds like fun.
  3. Enqurance Regular Member

    nice idea. It seems better than 'Corrupt' D:
  4. TippingScales Platinum

    Instead of str 1, it should be +1 or 2 damage.
  5. Yarett Platinum

    sure but str I is like the same thing
  6. Bukkit_ Gold

    What he means is a set amt of damage.

    With Str 1 you GAIN 130% damage increase; the amt of extra damage is proportional to the amt of damage your sword does.

    But with +1/+2, you do half a heart/ a heart extra damage per hit
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  7. Maartenooo Gold

    +1 nice idea.
  8. Yarett Platinum

    Sure but str I is the same thing.
  9. xSoles Gold

    I love it, but I would say to make the cooldown 60 or 80 seconds.
  10. Paulchn Regular Member

    yes but it sonds a bit op, doesnt it!?
  11. Yarett Platinum

    its really balanced, trust me.
    well, its just an idea, admins can nerf it if they want but imo its really balanced.
  12. Riky Platinum

    Honestly, I feel like the best solution for Bloodmage is reverting it back to the old Bloodmage. The one with the extra 1 true damage to you and the victim, but you didn't get any health after kills.

    This one just seems like a better version of pre1.6 Succubus with a dash of Healer (post 1.6).
  13. Bukkit_ Gold

    I literally give you a whole explanation of why its not the same and you give me the same response with one less word...

    God you are fucking retarded..
  14. Yarett Platinum

    Apologies. I thought that would make you realise that 4 x 130% = 5.2. Which is the same thing. Annihilation has gotten very class oriented. Nobody strength rushes anymore.

    That hatred was intense, you should meditate or relax sometime, it will take a toll on your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
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  15. Triceratops Silver

    What? It's not the same thing. A 130% boost will always be more than +1 damage. This applies even to your bare fist.
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  16. Yarett Platinum

    4 x 1.3 = 5.2, which is the same as 4 + 1 = 5. A flat boost to your damage wouldn't be much if you had a sharp 4 iron. That was my point. It wouldn't be op because it only lasts 5 seconds, and you can only receive it once every 30 seconds. Do you get it now?
  17. moikka434 Emerald

    Take a note that Strengh effect is +130%. This means that the formula of the damage given is sword damage + sword damage x strength, therefore a iron sword that deals +6 points of damage would deal 6 + 6 x 130% = 13,8 points of damage, and I haven't even counted the damage boost of the fist in.
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  18. Succsting Platinum

    I like the class but it devalues healer and succubus. Other than that, I love it!
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  19. Triceratops Silver

    You can easily see that Warrior does not do the same damage as a non-Warrior with the same sword and Strength I. Moikka has the math right.
  20. Yarett Platinum

    Which is great. It gives you a boost in pvp. Not op because it only lasts 5 seconds and can only be received every 30 seconds.

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