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Blizzard 3 Announcement

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by Pichu2002, Jan 27, 2016.

Blizzard 3 Announcement

Are you excited?

YES!!! 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No... 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    As most people know, I am currently working on a project called Astrum Omega, and trust me, its still being worked on, and on the 2 year anniversary of it, the 28th of February, I will be posting a (most likely EXTREMELY controversial) thread about the project, but either way. Before Astrum Omega, someone created a slaughter map with the name of Blizzard, and I had a lot of promise, so he and I worked together to create Blizzard 2, which is a significantly better version of it, but looking back at it now, it still wasn't good enough to be considered for slaughter, so I decided to go back and revise the entire thing.

    I still need help from you guys though. I will post the download file and pictures of Blizzard 2 and I need you guys to tell me how I could make it better! Just ignore the sponges, those are mob spawn points.
    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmu29m1vdnsxwzp/Blizzard 2.rar?dl=0 (1.8 Only)
    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/4bXgk#0

    Completely rebuild house
    Revamp galactic throne room
    Add basement sublevel 2 after basement
    Split cellar into its own path
    Add a special secret area after galactic throne room :wink:
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  2. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    Dang I messed up on the pole :lmao:
    There is supposed to be a third option... Guess you will never know :wink:
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  3. Smartzz Emerald

  4. __J___ Platinum

    I know you said "completly rebuild the house as on the todo list, just a suggestion. probably want to forgo the cobwebs in there, think they would be quite OP as is and make it a bit easy.
  5. BeastyClaws Regular Member

    Astrum Omega?
    The name itself gives me the chills
  6. Goliac Silver

    Nice and when will astrum omega will be completed?Can you complete that in 2016?

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