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Class Suggestion Blacksmith

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Thunder595, Dec 21, 2016.

Class Suggestion - Blacksmith

Would you want this class implemented into Annihilation?

I like the class and would love to see it get implemented. (Please explain why) 21 vote(s) 91.3%
I am neutral about the class; it could use more work. (Please explain why) 1 vote(s) 4.3%
I dislike the class, it is not balanced and has to be changed. (Please explain why) 1 vote(s) 4.3%
  1. grynmoor Platinum

    (Constructive criticism is always appreciated, even if it's a single vote!)
    (Everything in this class is subject to change!)

    Class Icon
    Abbreviation: [BLA]

    You are the forge.
    Your proficiency in smithing gives you a chance to instantly smelt gold and iron ore
    upon mining them and lets you craft higher quality weaponry.
    You can use your Smithing Hammer to repair the armor and tools of
    a stationary team member by 30 durability each second, using up one iron ingot with each repair.
    After fully repairing a team member, you will reinforce their armor,
    weakening the next blow dealt to them and strengthening their next attack.

    Class info
    The Blacksmith spawns with a set of tools ([IMG][IMG][IMG]) and a Smithing Hammer ([IMG]).
    You cannot destroy blocks with the Smithing Hammer.

    Every gold and iron ore that you mine has a 40% chance of being smelted into an ingot upon dropping.

    Any armorpiece that you craft will inherit +0.3125 additional defense points (stacking up to +1.25 additional defense when wearing a full set of armor) and a gold-colored item name (for example, an iron chestplate crafted by a Blacksmith would be named "Iron Chestplate").
    Any swords and bows that you craft will inherit +0.5 additional damage per hit and a gold-colored item name.
    The purpose of the gold-colored item name is so that other players can tell whether a weapon or armor piece was made by a Blacksmith or not.

    Upon hitting a teammate with your Smithing Hammer, you will begin to repair their equipped armor and any other armor or tools in their inventory by 30 durability every second, consuming one iron ingot with each repair.
    You can choose to repair yourself by right-clicking the Smithing Hammer.
    If you or your selected target moves or takes damage during the repair, then your repair on the target will be canceled. Running out of ingots mid-repair will also cancel your repair on the selected target.
    There is a 10 second cooldown between each repair (cooldown starts counting down once you stop repairing).

    Upon repairing a teammate, the teammate will receive a notification telling them that they are being repaired by you, saying:
    "Your armor and tools are being repaired by <Blacksmith's username>. If you move or take damage, the repair will be canceled."
    You will also receive a notification telling you who you are repairing.
    "You have started a repair on <target player's username>. If you move or take damage, the repair will be canceled."

    If you or the teammate that you are repairing moves or receives damage during the repair, then the player that you are repairing will receive another notification telling them that their repair was canceled, saying:
    "Your repair was canceled."
    You will also be notified that the repair was canceled.
    "Your repair on <target player's username> was canceled."

    If you complete the repair on your target, they will receive a notification telling them that their repair has finished, saying:
    "Your armor and tools have been fully repaired and reinforced."
    You will also be notified that the repair was completed.
    "Your have completed your repair on <target player's username>."

    If you successfully complete your repair on your selected target, you will reinforce their armor for free (an iron ingot won't be used up during reinforcement), weakening the next blow dealt to them by 2 less damage ([IMG]) and strengthening their next attack by 1 additional damage ([IMG]). Reinforcing an already reinforced player will refresh their reinforcement.

    • You can repair your own or a teammate's armor and tools using your Smithing Hammer.
    • Fully repairing a team member will reinforce their armor, weakening the next attack that hits them by 2 less damage ([IMG]) and strengthening their next attack by 1 additional damage ([IMG]).
    • The armor that you craft has more defense points per piece than other armor and the weapons that you craft deals more damage than other weapons.
    • Occasionally, the gold and iron that you mine will drop smelted.
    • Your repair on a team member will be canceled if you or the team member moves or takes damage during the repair.
    • Your abilities use up iron ingots. Without any iron ingots, you are unable to repair yourself or your teammates and provide adequate armor for your team, making them a crucial resource for you if you want to support your team.
    Tips & Tactics
    • With your stone pickaxe, you are able to head straight to the iron mines and mine iron, with some of the iron ore being smelted due to your passive ability. You can then mine some coal and head back to base to smelt the rest of your ore using a furnace.
    • Try to reinforce as many of your teammates as possible, including yourself. The defense and damage boost provided by the reinforcement could potentially determine a win or lose in a battle.
    • Distribute armor and weaponry that you crafted to your team, as your weaponry is higher quality than others.
    • Repair teammates with low durability armor or tools to prolong their lifespan in battle.
    • Gathering low-durability tools and armor in your inventory then repairing yourself is a good way to obtain a bunch of full-durability weaponry that you can give to your team or use yourself.

  2. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    Sounds like an interesting support class. Nice job! :)
  3. grynmoor Platinum

    Thank you! It's good to hear that from a Shotbow staff member like you.
  4. gunso_ Retired Staff

    This class would make a lot of sense if the Lumberjacks Brute Force gets buffed (which I feel should be buffed)
  5. grynmoor Platinum

    Yeah, Lumberjack's Brute Force definitely is going to be stronger in the 1.9 update. It would open up a bigger spotlight for Blacksmith to shine in. As of now, I would mainly see people use Blacksmith solely for his Reinforce (and possibly his passive chance of smelting iron/gold ores when mining them), rather than actually repairing gear.

    It's also worth mentioning that Blacksmith is able to repair enchanted gear as well as Soulbound items, which would give him a special niche in the game.
  6. pokeminer9999 Gold

    I like the way it is designed, it has a passive that is always useful, and it fits the game well. I do not know if I would choose it over enchanter or miner though. Remember, you do not have to worry about making this kit overpowered, supportive classes are already well balanced and powerful, so make sure this kit has a use that would make players choose it over enchanter or miner for a specific scenario.

    I am good at reworking things, so here is my suggested addition to make this kit fun:

    + Because you are a blacksmith you make better quality tools than your opponents. Increase the damage of swords, defense of armor, speed of picks, and the durability in general of tools that you make. You can give these tools to your teammates.
    Thunder595 likes this.
  7. grynmoor Platinum


    I agree with what you are saying. Since Blacksmith is more of an offensive support class, he should be able to make his allies more powerful, keeping them in battle for an extended amount of time. I decided to remain cautious with Reinforce, giving it only a decent damage reduction from a single attack, as having an ability that can allow you to reduce the damage a teammate receives, and that you are able to potentially give this buff to your entire team, could make this ability very overpowered. However, I feel like the drawbacks to using this ability are sufficient enough to balance it out. You will only get the most out of Reinforce if your team is coordinated and you have a large supply of iron ingots (which would make Blacksmiths big targets to enemy players). If you have a good team, they'll be rewarded with upgraded gear.

    Here would be a change that I would propose that would make Blacksmith slightly stronger and stand out a bit more, without making the class more complicated:

    Upon reinforcing a player, you will, alongside strengthening their armor, increase the damage of the next attack that they deal to an enemy by 1-2 damage.

    EDIT: Along with this, the damage that Reinforce blocks could possibly be scaled down from three to two damage reduced, in case if this change ends up being too powerful.

    I will wait a while before implementing these changes into the class so people can voice their opinion about them.

    I do not feel that Blacksmith needs to upgrade mining speed, as it is solely an offensive support class. Crafting armor with increased durability seems like a good idea at first, albeit it would mitigate one of the drawbacks that Blacksmith has: using up iron ingots to repair. Adding this would make repairs less costly for Blacksmith but disrupt the fine line of balance that Blacksmith currently has. Plus, the Unbreaking enchantment already exists, which only requires a bit of experience and luck to put on your weaponry. :wink:

    Thanks for the feedback though!
  8. gunso_ Retired Staff

    I really like this idea. And it's totally possible in 1.9 using item attributes. Any armor made by a blacksmith can have +0.25 generic.armor (or generic.armortoughness), and weapons can have +0.5 generic.attackDamage. And can still be enchanted by player.
    Thunder595 likes this.
  9. grynmoor Platinum

    Oh, is that so? I haven't looked into the updates that much as I've been absent from Minecraft for quite some time, though I'll look into integrating item attributes into Blacksmith's kit. If I had to say right now, Blacksmith could possibly craft armor and tools with boosted attributes. However, since I'm guessing that these attributes are permanent, I'd have to say that the attributes would only provide only a very small boost (each armor-piece would only get +0.0625 generic.armor, totaling up to +0.25 generic.armor, swords and bows would get +0.125 generic.damage, and tools such as pickaxes, axes, and shovels would get +0.25 mining speed, if possible) as classes such as Warrior would become an unstoppable threat when their innate +1 damage with swords paired with a damage boosted sword, especially when there's multiple of them rushing your base. This tied with Reinforce could make Blacksmith overpowered, so It would have to come at the price of lowering the damage boost and damage protection Reinforce provides to balance things out. I can totally see this working with Blacksmith's kit and make him a viable choice compared to Enchanter and Miner, though!
  10. grynmoor Platinum

    New changes as of 12/24/2016:

    (+) Any armorpiece that you craft will have +0.25 additional defense points via attribute, stacking up to +1 additional defense when wearing a full set of armor.
    (+) Any swords and bows that you craft will deal +0.5 additional damage via attribute.
    (+) Reinforcing now increases the next attack that the reinforced player deals by 1 additional damage.
    (+/-) Any armor/weapon that Blacksmith crafts now has a gold-colored name for indicating whether or not an armor/weapon was crafted by them.
    (-) The amount of damage Reinforce blocks was decreased from 3 less damage to 2 less damage.
    pokeminer9999 and gunso_ like this.
  11. gunso_ Retired Staff

    Add a special name to the items to differentiate it from vanilla crafted ones. Such as Pristine Iron Sword.
    Thunder595 likes this.
  12. grynmoor Platinum


    (+/-) Any armor/weapon that Blacksmith crafts now has a gold-colored name for indicating whether or not an armor/weapon was crafted by them.
    gunso_ likes this.
  13. grynmoor Platinum

    I'm bumping this back up to the top of the thread list as many people seem to like this class concept.

    If any of you guys have any constructive criticism about my class that you could post here, positive or negative, then go ahead, it'll only help me make this class better and give me a sense of motivation to work harder. But for now, almost 400 views and 5 likes on this thread is certainly a milestone for me. Thank you all so much for your support! :wink:
  14. grynmoor Platinum

    New changes as of 1/4/2017:

    (+)The additional defense points provided from Blacksmith's armor has been increased from +0.25 additional defense points (1% damage protection) per armorpiece to +0.3125 defense points (1.25% damage protection).
    With a full set of armor, this increases from +1.0 additional defense points (4% damage protection) to +1.25 additional defense points (5% damage protection).
    (+/-) Some proofreading and editing has been done to improve the class information and make it easier to read.
  15. _RubberChicken_ Platinum

    I actually really like this very creative great job :D maybe a gold axe with unbreaking to be more shiny :) instead of stone

    also unbreaking 1 maybe on the pic since you would be mining quite a bit more.
  16. grynmoor Platinum


    Thanks, it's great to hear that. :)
    I mainly chose a stone axe as it best resembles a medieval smithing hammer. A gold hammer would be nice, but Thor's already got one and it would be a bit strange to have a golden smithing hammer, in my personal opinion.

    I don't feel like Unbreaking should be added onto Blacksmith's pickaxe; by the time your stone pickaxe is low durability you would have plenty of iron ores and ingots (from the passive ability) to simply make another pickaxe, along with other tools. A regular stone pickaxe is just enough for you to get everything you need as a Blacksmith.
  17. TheFlame_YT Platinum

    I want to play this class with friends. I can imagine all with gold-named iron armors blowing up enemy players :)
    Thunder595 and gunso_ like this.
  18. gunso_ Retired Staff

    Blacksmith + Berserker = :D
    I hope this gets added
  19. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    *Performs Necromantic Ritual*
    This is still a good suggestion. One time buffs with a cost would be great to some extra HP on nexus rushers as well.
    grynmoor likes this.
  20. grynmoor Platinum

    Thank you for your interest! It's wonderful to see that someone thinks this idea has withstood the test of time.
    It looks like after five years some of the image links in the OP have expired, so I'll replace them with fresh ones for the sake of reading convenience.

    I haven't played Annihilation in a very long time, so I'm not qualified to make new design changes to this class. I have no idea how much the game has changed, so I will not be touching this idea unless I decide to play again. But a little thread maintenance is the least I can do. :)

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