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No Prefix big problem with players.

Discussion in 'The Network' started by SrRicard0_, Nov 11, 2016.

No Prefix - big problem with players.
  1. SrRicard0_ Platinum

    Hello my name is ricardo.
    Age: 17.
    from: México.
    I Speak english and spanish, and the problem with players new or old is the ''Hackers''. i'm playying more hours and the admins are offline At such times.
    I would like help the players.
    would like to have a test to see if I can be part of their staff and be able to help the new ones in their doubts and to the others against the bad players (hackers)
    goodbye, I hope you read this and think about it.

    SrRicard0_ Game Annihilation.
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  2. Cupu Platinum

    Admins are sorting through applications for anni right now, and have to train them after they are selected. This process will take time, but will be worth it in the end seeing that they will be getting the best people for the job.
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  3. SrRicard0_ Platinum

    seem right
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  4. Athys Platinum

    Hello there! I see you are interested in wanting to become and Annihilation Admin! In order to be selected, you must apply using the Anni-Application Form (which is now closed). Another way to become an admin is to be chosen by our team! We look for those who are respectful, kind, and helpful within our community and are an overall positive influence. I hope this helps a little bit (there's no set guide to becoming an admin on Shotbow).

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  5. aysharapov Platinum

    Creo que hablas Espanol, Simplemente esperate a que abran las aplicaciones de nuevo y ahi aplicas y les dices por que crees que deberias ser Admin. Tambien como Athys te dijo, si eres un buen miembro de la comunidad, ayudas a la gente, eres respetuoso y no intentas demasiado de "ser admin", los admins te van a buscar y contactar, espero que eso te ayude!
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  6. SrRicard0_ Platinum

    SI, soy español.
    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda

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