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No Prefix Best Wasted memories?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by VerizonMobile, Apr 14, 2017.

No Prefix - Best Wasted memories? | Page 2
  1. Wubziz Platinum

    Well, how can I say, Wasted was the best Gamemode for me that I ever played on any Minecraft Server, and I think it was the Gamemode that brought me to shotbow. I was very sad once I saw it got taken down. Since then, I haven't played on shotbow anymore because the other gamemodes aren't to my liking. I still miss the old times, running around in a Mech, flying around with a Jetpack or just exploring and looting the world..

    I often catch myself in thoughts of nostalgia, thinking back in time, "I really want to play this Gamemode again!". And I'm actually happy to know tha the gamemode is not dead, and it may come back at some, not yet known, point. Thank you, @Robertthegoat
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  2. texteo Regular Member

    Nostalgia hit me and I wanted to check some old stuff, and I see the video's are private. Can you send me a link to the unlisted videos so I can see them pls?

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