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No Prefix Best Wasted memories?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by VerizonMobile, Apr 14, 2017.

No Prefix - Best Wasted memories?
  1. VerizonMobile Regular Member

    This is a thread to share what the title says.

    I'll go first:

    One of my many good memories of Wasted was when I was with ~5 other Independents near City 17 and I accidentally threw an implosion grenade

    Or one of the times I accidentally rocketed myself

    I also had ~5 alts for just storing gear

    (This thread isn't supposed to be memories because "wasted is dead", I'm not one of those cucks)

  2. Murgatron Retired Staff


    When me and sax were just players and made an entire series on it :)
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  3. Robertthegoat Co-Lead Developer

    Friend says: You're really good at designing bases. I proceed to accidentally plop down C4 and kill the three of us.
    Friend says: Nice shot! I proceed clip a tree overhead with a nade and blow us up.
    Friend says: Nice! after I wipe out enemies with a mech. Accidentally clip my teammate and I lose my gear and mech.

    My friends stopped complimenting me.
  4. LegendaryAlex Platinum


    well ur a beautiful goat ;(
  5. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    My alt account was in the chat :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. TechnicalTrouble Gold

    Me and a friend playing full kevlar leading Cobra and establishing bases across the map, fighting off independents. Got an 120 killstreak without a jetpack and created a Cobra regime across the server.
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  7. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    It'd be fun helping the teams out. You'd be able to create a empire across the server and lead them to taking over vast amount of cities. The trouble would be when there'd be a jetpacker. The players would have wow moments over jetpacks :stuck_out_tongue:
  8. CrazySmokerDude Platinum

    Best gamemode that shotbow has ever created IMO :) The amount of time I spent on that game mode... DOPE!
  9. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    city 17 megabases :)
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  10. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    Are you texteo's friend?
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  11. CrazySmokerDude Platinum

    We are family :stuck_out_tongue:
  12. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    Ah. I admired you back in the days when you were flying about destroying everything on the EU servers.
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  13. CrazySmokerDude Platinum

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  14. texteo Regular Member

    There is too many to be able to pluck out, so I will go with the cheesy ones, it was either the 1k kill streak or when I learned the secrets of the jetpack, while no one still knew it in the server (literally the first JP-er of the game mode)
  15. basti1499 Emerald

    Oh there are a lot of good memories :eek:

    - The day joining Scorching Hawks, thank you Dr_Meh and fanaart btw :stuck_out_tongue:#

    - Getting to know 3it3rb3ul3, darkstriker999, hinfalboy, 20thCenturyBoy, a lot of great poeple :heart:

    - All those killstreaks with JetPack and Remington :D

    - The day we discovered that it was possible to destroy to spawn islands :D
    Hopefully I won't get banned for that now lol

    Some not so good moments tho:

    - Getting killed on a 350 killstreak mid-air by texteo (bruh I was so angry at you cuz I totally thought you were cheatin lul)

    - The first JetPack nerf, why the heck shouldnt you be able to shoot mid-air? ._.
  16. hiddenbun Retired Staff

    getting killed by TheGlobalBear 35 times in a single day
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  17. Tdiaz5 Silver

    Hey Hydra! what's up?

    It's pretty special how every single one of these names is still burnt into my memory. And that is me on the 4th picture! It feels kind of crazy. This is my little footprint on the history of Minecraft I guess.

    And this does bring back some memories.. Murg, I don't think I'll ever forget your voice from all the videos you made. Do you remember me?

    Honestly though, this gamemode is more than just a shooter game in minecraft now. It is a part of my childhood, it's from the time of tellling each other to get online on skype after we cycled home from school. There was a day that marked the last wasted sleepover, but none of us even knew it.

    I'm glad I still have all those stories we texted each other, about how we killed some jetpacker, or destroyed a 'noobmare' base, or met a new friend, or just general messing about. I am tearing up a little bit now, we had a lot of fun guys. This gamemode is truly a relic from simpler times.
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  18. basti1499 Emerald

    I honestly think we'll never forget those moments :)

    A friend sent me some of his montages last week, just for the feeling :)

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Insane how good he was btw :stuck_out_tongue:
  19. TheGlobalBear Platinum

    so nostalgic. I miss this gamemode. I'll definitely remember it for the rest of my life.
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  20. Tdiaz5 Silver

    Oh my god, it's still there! I was looking for these some time ago, but I couldn't find them for the life of me. Now I know why.. they were unlisted and he changed his name. So, thank you for this. I had watched all of these at least a dozen times already before, and they sure bring back some memories.

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