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Question Best places to farm 5k zombies? [Need Updated Spots]

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by AuburnLeo, Jan 30, 2021.

Question - Best places to farm 5k zombies? [Need Updated Spots]
  1. AuburnLeo Regular Member

    As the title mentions I'm looking for places to grind out the last 3000 of my kills.

    Have been at Agni Ignis using Inf bows above the pigmen spawners, but that requires at least one splash potion on the baby horde in order for each max power bow shot to kill them... this had lead to me running to and from Kauri for pots. I am almost out of inf bows and have about 5 full D swords.

    Any ideas on places where i could grind out 3000 swords kills would be lit. I can acquire webs if need be.

  2. rikacavespider2 Regular Member

    Go to frostbain and shoot down the hole in the church. Unless they changed Frostbain up, IDK, It's been forever since I've been there. But last time you could get webs and arrows and food (Not sure if water is permanent though). Who knows, maybe they changed it, but that's what I did a while back.

    EDIT: Whoops, you said sword kills. Dunno, I saw some people doing that at byesford castle by getting on the table, but that was a long time ago.
  3. AuburnLeo Regular Member

    I finished my 5k at agni using the pigmen spawners. About 16 inf bows used to get my first 4k kills (combination of shooting the pigmen, using a splash one or two on the babies, and then finishing them with one bow shot. The last 1k were much faster but required a LOT of sword/ webs. Kauri has two good pots chest, a rare food, and a potential button chest. Mainly unvisited place.

    If anyone wants to grind 5K and you need inf bows or D swords lmk I have leftovers. 2 swords and 5 bows
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  4. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    Best spot is Byesford Castle.
  5. Smartzz MineZ Mini Admin

    Ik you're an old player and it pains me to say this but they got rid of the ability for you to get on the table and chairs... :(

    So Agni right now is probably the best spot. I've never farmed it there. I've only used fire trial and paluster. I don't know where a new spot would be but as or right now you're at it.

    Oh yikes this is a necro.
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  6. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    sorry for giving u a hard time the event was fun :heart:
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