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Other Best of Wasted

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by REXKrash, Oct 16, 2016.

Other - Best of Wasted
  1. REXKrash Gold

    If you are an old player, you probably know me.
    Since Wasted is wasted, I might as well share my favorite moments.

    City 17 in a nutshell.

    Team independence described in one sentence.

    "There is no hacks for Wasted.”

    "Do you have a mech?”

    The scout class.

    "How much xp does friends cost”

    The intended way to obtain the Mounted M240 is obviously to /kill yourself.

    Back in the day there was a period of time with a bug where some of the classes from control could be used in the sandbox version of the game. Any new player was able to use the rocketeer class, get a jetpack and fly for a short duration of time. It escalated to the point where people believed it was intended to work that way.

    Anyone with a normal jetpack is certainly a hacker.

    "I have the jetpack class noob”

    "Especially as they come in a kit"[IMG]

    me and my alts


  2. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Not all 10 are your alts :wink:
  3. NotDiezel Regular Member

    3 nostalgia 5 me
  4. HypeTrains Regular Member

    never thought I'd see this again.
    I remember noobs. I felt bad for them because they were so easy to kill. I would fly in with my jetpack and 3 shot them with my p30.
  5. NotDiezel Regular Member

    "Why is the wasted community so bad?"

    _Dark_Messiah_ and HypeTrains like this.
  6. Pookz_ Regular Member

    Lol the good old days
  7. captain_marwick Regular Member

    My best moment was when I found a team of like 6 people and I used the Molson nagaut to slowly pick them off. In local chat they were freaking out and they thought I was hacking and stuff and afterward they came back more salty than before and they continued to come back dodd like 4 Times :lmao:
  8. Broooce Regular Member

    "Molson Nagaut" - Why is the Wasted community so bad?
    _Dark_Messiah_ likes this.
  9. FleeAsF___ Regular Member

    Good old times :)

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