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Discussion Being voided mid class selection.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Flandersss_, Jun 19, 2021.

Discussion - Being voided mid class selection.
  1. Flandersss_ Regular Member

    Best people, im honestly annoyed at the moment so take my stuff not too serious (as in harsh).

    its been abt 2 month's that ive returned to anni, and its honestly annoying to see that Mid portal OR mid class selection, that u got the window in front of u etc people get swapped/scorped and voided, there's fairly 0 way to counter such moments for a player, who
    1] Doesnt see the swapper/scorper (being in the portal AND a inventory window opening up).
    2] a invis enemy can just smash void the person.

    ive honestly 0 idea why you guys keep this like this, its so unreasonable to have this still be possible when a player is out of control to do something about such.

    Please atleast make a person coming out / in the portal immume to swap/scorpion for 10sc being smash voided is atleast able to be countered seeing as u litterly see u being hit, & a enemy coming up to you on the side's. but for a scorp/swapper this is just not possible as scorp/swapper have inmense throw/target range and cant be countered unless ur aware of their pressence before entering the portal, yet none can expect that so please remove this broken feature...
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  2. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    Hey Flanders,

    as long as you are in the class selector GUI enemies can neither swap nor scorp you:
  3. Flandersss_ Regular Member

    still happaned to me, asfar i also just got smacked with a wooden sword while in gui to the void.
  4. soto Platinum

    Pretty sure there's a KB immunity when you switch classes unless you take too long to find the class to take in the selector
  5. Galap Developer

    It's not timed, for as long as you have the kit selector or kit items inventory open, you'll be invulnerable to movement. You will of course still take damage if an enemy attacks you. As soon as you exit that inventory though, movement protection is withdrawn.
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