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Question being able to swap through solid block?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by mikanpi, Dec 11, 2021.

Question - being able to swap through solid block?
  1. mikanpi Regular Member

    Does anybody have info about this bug?
    Today when I was trying to swap invisible attackers approaching to nexus in a swapper trap made at the base, I could swap a player through solid blocks.

    MAP: I forgot the name. badland looking, base is wooden house, nexus underground, iron left side in cave beyond a bridge over 10or so block ditch, gravel/coal right side in cave, large gold mine center side in cave on the way to mid.
    SITUATION: there is a hidden underpath going to nexus, I could swap a player there from the ground.

    The swapped player claimed it should be a intentional illegal bug trap, however it is a fair swapper trap made by wool, iron and wood, and searching enemies by moving the view point along the entry path. At that game I tried stopping this situation occurs.

    I would like to know and inform players if this is a known bug.
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  2. Ayash1mon Platinum

    yes swapping through blocks

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