Guide Basic guide for new Qubion players

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Guide - Basic guide for new Qubion players
  1. FinHed Regular Member

    I have spent quite a while looking through old posts on the forums and there are quite a few posts that are asking for a list of commands so i thought that I would make a list for all the new players to try to make the server more appealing to new players!

    /claim auto = Automatically claims the next free plot available.
    /plot home [No] =Takes you to your own plot, If you have multiple plots add the number of the plot you want to go to.
    /tpa [Name] = Requests to Tp to the person you have put (The player can deny the Tp if they want)
    /tpahere [Name] = Requests for the player to To tp to you (Spamming both of these will end up with a mute or a Tempban)
    /review submit = Submit your build for a rankup
    /speed [No] = Changes your flight or walking speed, depends which you are doing when you run the command.
    /compass = Gives you a compass which when you right click gives you a list of warps.
    /plot merge [Direction] = If you own two plots next to each other you can remove the road in between them

    These are the main commands you need to know when on the Qubion creative server. If one of these commands are not working for you don't hesitate to ask a staff or someone who might know (Someone who has a blue name tag in tab preferably because they are most likely to have experience), If they are busy, again don't spam them and just ask someone else or just wait for them to Finnish with whatever they are doing.

    Another thing to remember that is if you have found a plot or someone being rude in chat then DO NOT make a forums post about it, If you read the rules, public shaming is not allowed, either direct message an admin (I recommend McJeffr since he is very active) or use the report a player feature here on the Shotbow website.

    Another thing is that you cant refund anything you buy on the server with Xp so you might want to think before spending 20K Xp on a Bigplot :)

    Also if you get banned or muted on the server there will always be a reason why. Also don't bother trying to appeal a 2 day ban because they will usual take a few days to be looked at anyway. If you feel that you have been hard done by when your plot was reviewed DO NOT immediately re-submit it for a review because if one staff member deny's your plot it does not mean that another staff member will accept it ( I know that this is one of the things that get staff members quite angry), I once did this myself and I regret it now so learn from my mistake :)

    The last thing to remember is that if you get constructive feedback from another player or a review take it into account, If you are struggling with your build you can always do /spawn and look around the tutorials and plots there because they are pretty helpful. Also don't ask for a staff member to review your plot because there is a list of plots that need to be reviewed and just because you asked you do not get to jump the line.

    I hope this post is helpful to some new players on the Qubion creative server as I know the server is getting more and more popular.
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  2. ABCbook Regular Member

    Thanks Fin! For your help. :)
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  3. McJeffr Regular Member

    We also have a page on the wiki of Shotbow found in the top menu, or by clicking here: The commands are indeed not there, but this wiki combined with the information at the smallplot spawn are very detailed and pretty much all you need to know to get started on Qubion.
  4. FinHed Regular Member

    Yeah, I forgot about that. Its a tad outdated (Some of the rules/Faqs are outdated) but the basics are there and thats what got me started on the server.

    (wink wink nudge nudge, might need to update a couple of things on that list)
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