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No Prefix Banned By A Crybaby Mod Who Plays Scout.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Willberfollower, Oct 20, 2021.

No Prefix - Banned By A Crybaby Mod Who Plays Scout.
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  1. Willberfollower Regular Member

    Posting here because I don't have permissions to post in the ban appeal thread. Literally one of your mods banned me and my friend just now cause he flies around as scout (scouts never die unless they want to so I can see his frustration) and got a little butt hurt when he died to me and my friend in a 2 verses 1. Honestly don't care about getting unbanned cause scout is ruining the game. I just want your mod to be unmodded his in game name is Aanni mine is Willberfollower if you care to unban me that would be nice of you. my friend is LegitHunkinBoi and should obviously be unbanned aswell. But anyone who plays scout (yes the fact he plays scout is important) and bans 2 people when he dies shouldn't be a mod. Don't bother asking for proof that we weren't using a "modded version of the game" cause this ban was so dumb, id be so insulted and disgusted, I wouldn't even want to bother playing the server again anyway.

    (Hopefully the same person doesn't have the permissions to take down this thread)

  2. aanni Obsidian

    I am taking down this threat
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  3. LangScott Obsidian

    First of all, you likely do have access to the ban appeal, it's just a bit complicated to get to it so I understand the confusion but you have to read the how to appeal thread and the link to writing one should be there towards the bottom.

    Secondly, Aanni isn't a moderator, shotbow has two moderator staff ranks Mini Admin and Admin, Obsidian is a donator's rank. As well as there are rules in place for when staff are playing the game when they're off duty.

    If you find your ban unjust you and your friend must post separate appeals, if you have any questions after reading the how to write a ban appeal I recommend asking a staff member.
  4. SnowVi1liers Annihilation Mini Admin

    Hi Willberfollower,
    Please read through how to post a ban appeal here at: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/how-to-post-a-ban-appeal.23560/

    Once you have read it through you will see the link where it will allow you to post an appeal.
    If you have trouble finding your way through the thread let me know.

    But we do not discuss bans here...
  5. DJ_Pedro Administrator

    Hello. Aanni is not a staff member, you can find the official list of staff here.

    If you believe you were falsely banned, you may submit an appeal. Reading our How to post a ban appeal guide will link you to the proper forum where you have permissions to post.

    Thread locked.
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