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Suggestion Balancing: Incentivize finishing every game

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by JeTi_Brothers, Nov 16, 2020.

Suggestion - Balancing: Incentivize finishing every game
  1. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    What is the issue?
    Over the last couple of months, I have noticed that a lot of games tend become unbalanced after phase 3 starts. The reason for this is that a lot of players leave their game when a better map comes up in the new voting. While I understand that people want to play their favourite maps, or that losing your gear in an active game can be frustrating, it is even more frustrating when you have to try and win a game against teams that are nearly double your size. I’ve added an imgur album with a few that screenshots I’ve collected over the last few weeks. It clearly shows that imbalance issues are present. Imgur Album.

    Incentivizing staying until the game is over.
    I think the solution to the problem is quite simple. While it certainly will not affect everyone, there are a lot of people that do care about earning xp & rank points. If Shotbow were to introduce a system that would penalize leaving by not gaining xp & rank points for a set amount of time after you abandon a game, this could be a good incentive for people to finish their current games.

    The way it would work.
    Let’s say you are playing a canyon game where your team is still alive, but you decide to leave the game in order to join a new voting or active game. When you join the new game, this will trigger the penalty system and it will result in you being unable to earn any xp or rank points for the next 60 minutes. This timer would start when you join a team in a different game than the ongoing canyon game. This way you will not be penalized if you accidently join the wrong game when you were actually trying to rejoin the canyon game.

    While not everyone cares about xp & rank points, there are still many that do. This system certainly will not be the best system to counter the balancing issue, but it is the best we have come up with so far. If you have any other suggestions or remarks, feel free to contribute to the discussion.

    Disclaimer: I did not come up with this suggestion by myself, it came about during a discussion in the annihilation channel on the Shotbow discord and several people have contributed to it. I merely posted the suggestion.

  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    I think you got some good point still I personally dont feel the need of this changes as I think they wouldnt change much/ probly wouldnt be noticed by the majority of players.
    First of all I couldnt care less about my anni stats since all of our eu stats and rank points didnt get transfered.

    Before any changes to rank point are done I demand the admin team to step up and giver us, the eu players, our stats back. Its an old promise which you now have the perfect chance to fulfill.

    Most of us have so much xp which we cant even spend on annihilation anymore. Make more classes/ cosmetics which you can buy with xp (for annihilation) to make xp meaningful again.
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  3. JeTi_Brothers Platinum


    Yeah it is not the best suggestion as a lot of players no longer need / care about xp, but I do believe a lot of players still care about their rank points. So it definitely isn't optimal, but it is a start. I've seen staff talk about new cosmetics etc that are in the works so maybe xp will become more important for people that already have a ton of xp saved up, once again.

    I personally don't care about stats / rank points but I do agree that the, at this point, very old promise should probably be realized sooner rather than later. Adding more classes certainly sounds interesting but I think that would require some better class suggestions than the ones that have been posted in the past.
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  4. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    If a change is to be made, it should be focused on incentivizing finishing the game not de-incentivizing leaving. What I mean is it would be much better to reward a player for finishing a game rather than penalizing a player for leaving.
    The game already has this feature, in one sense, by giving XP to players whose team has been destroyed. If you leave before your team dies, you do not get that XP. However, I'm sure there's other ways to reward players. I'm just too tired to think of them.

    You will make a lot of the player base extremely frustrated and angry by not allowing them to gain XP when they leave a game. It's anti-fun even if it does help the current issue of unbalanced teams. I expect we'll make more progress by brainstorming ideas to reward players for staying rather than punishing them for leaving.
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  5. AnniAcrobat Platinum

    I wonder if a competitive ban would work similar to other games like CSGO and rocket league, where when you leave an ongoing match there is some sort of ban from playing for a certain amount of time. Not saying it would be the best system or way to approach the problem but it is an idea.
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  6. Tobi472 Platinum

    I also was thinking something like that but this would make a almost dead game dead. Tbh there are some normal reason why ppl ragequit the game and I support this.
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  7. JeTi_Brothers Platinum


    I think it is pretty hard to incentivize finishing the game as I feel like finishing a game is already very rewarding. As you said you get xp for finishing it. Do you have any suggestions on what could work as an incentive to finish the game by handing out extra rewards? I don't think granting more xp would do the trick, maybe giving out more rankpoints for finishing the game? I think witholding xp and rankpoints would work better than granting additional xp / rankpoints as people might start afking even more to receive that bonus. I don't think something being antifun is a bad thing as long as it helps the gamemode. If you have other idea's that could help balance games out more please leave them below, I'm sure there are more options than just witholding the xp / rankpoints.

    I also thought of this, but I don't think that a system like that would currently work. There aren't that many players left and if we start banning those players that are still here for x amount of time it might scare them off altogether. If you can't play here you will probably go play elsewhere, I think keeping players focussed on the game they are in is a better idea than banning them when they leave. It might work in the future, but for now I just don't see it having a good and positive effect on the balancing issue, nor on the playercount.

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