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Discussion Back in action... not really apparently

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Stugov, Nov 5, 2022.

Discussion - Back in action... not really apparently
  1. Stugov Platinum

    So I have been away for a long time. like 2 years . playing SC and Arma 3. Hopped on today to play a bit and...
    Seriously the script kiddies and hackers are STILL super rampant. Can nothing be done at ALLL about all these hackers so that maybe we can have a chance of getting back out there and promoting the game mode and building the player base back up, What in the honest Heck guy's .... FML .

  2. soto Platinum

    as long as germany is dictating, we won't have it our way
  3. Cupu Platinum

    SC? As in Star craft? If so I applaud you.

    Been like this for a while now lol.
  4. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I think it's Minecraft netcode that makes Annihilation unappetizing and that hacking is just a convenient scapegoat or the easiest identifiable problem. Whenever I've encountered hackers it's been during the day, and the targets get banned quickly (20-30 minutes). People like to make the case that hackers are not banned quickly but game-time is measured in 10 minute phases while game moderation is measured in hours or days. Obviously Shotbow has an effective level of policing but it still allows the occasional player to be ticked off quite profoundly, while many see no hacking whatsoever. Making the leap that if hacker stays in 1-2 games over several hours is due to bad policing would be a matter of perspective. They've got a passing grade, let it be known, but they aren't winning any awards.

    Just my two cents.
  5. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Or Star Citizen. It's been free this month I hear.

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